January 31, 2007


The #1 movie at the box office has a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes (i.e., not one good review). That's got to be a record.

The next four movies have very poor reviews too. It's no secret why so many bad movies are made.


al said...

Maybe it's because a lot of people, myself included, don't care what movie reviewers think.

In looking at the whole list I'm probably the worst person to comment. I've only seen three of the 50 movies there. And I liked them all three.

Night at the Museum
We Are Marshall
Charlotte's Web

I'm pretty sure 2 of the 3 were panned by the local critics.

Pogo said...

Like trans fats and smoking, the damned unwashed masses do pretty much what they will.

And like trans fats and smoking, you can count on someone to demand a government repsonse to Bad Entertainment.

As for me, I am happy that bad movies make money. It funds better movies that are less successful.

vbspurs said...

I'm pretty sure 2 of the 3 were panned by the local critics.

Rene Rodriguez of the Miami Herald (aka The Miami Horrible) is an AWFUL movie critic -- nonsensical reviews, piteous prose, and out-of-left field likes and dislikes.

I know that pretty much describes most movie critics according to the man on the street, but seriously, he takes the cake.

As for your three movies listed:

Night at the Museum got horrid reviews by most critics, especially and rather oddly, the Hollywood-centric papers.

(I loved it)

We are Marshall got pelted with rotten veggies too, with the unhealthy Peter Travers of Rolling Stone, just ripping McConnaughey a new one.

(I thought it was okay)

Charlotte's Web of course, was universally hailed as great.

(Didn't see it...arachnaphobe...)

And BTW, I saw Epic Movie on Saturday. Before I tell you my opinion, allow me to say that I adore the genre -- I see each and every "Scary Movie" and other parodies like "Date Movie", etc.

I find them a lot of fun, because hello, they're self-referencing other movies -- it's a movie-lover's delight.

But Epic Movie sucked ass.

There's nothing to recommend it. It's horrid.


Harkonnendog said...

This is kind of like those horrible dance movies. There is a huge demand for this type of film, and anyone who meets that demand will get a massive payday. It's that Eddie Murphy skit about Ritz crackers.

I think the demand itself is very healthy. People (especially Hollywood people) take Hollywood way too seriously. Maybe that's why there aren't more and better movies meeting this demand in the first place?

Mark said...

January and February are traditionally the time for Hollywood to release all the dogs and stinkeroos that wouldn't see the light of day at any other time of the year. As the temperature rises, so do the quality of the movies.

In addition to the schlock, a lot of smaller, more independent films that don't have the commercial appeal of a major actor or studio backing get released about now too. So do a little digging, and see what else is on at the metroplex other than the big name stinko's.

JohnTaylor88 said...

That's a higher rating than Chris Dodd.