December 12, 2006

So who was the 7 millionth visitor?

The Site Meter clicked over to 7 million during the night. The visitor was someone in Lisle, Illinois who Googled "feynman secular fundamentalism," clicked to this post, and left without going to any other pages here. I had not written anything about Richard Feynman. His name was brought up by Jim Hu in the comments. Here's Jim's blog, by the way.

Anyway, thanks to all for visiting. Thanks to the faithful readers and the drop-by Googlers and everyone in between, even those nutty bloggers who lurk around waiting for me to write a sentence that they can take out of context and mock and the people I drive straight up the wall for some crazy reason. Everything counts in the Site Meter game. And we are keeping score.

(And remember to vote for me!)


michilines said...

As your boy Bush piddles, more people die. Fifty or more today. He does nothing. He doesn't care. You don't care.

Meanwhile you chirp about nonsense and bleat -- asking for votes.

What does that say about your priorities?


JohnF said...

As shown in the comment above, nutcases do not need to take anything you write out of context.

Ron said...

I can understand how the nutbars can bring you down, but think of it this way: If you actually met seven million people, and one tenth of one percent of them were crazies, that'd be 7000 crazies you'd have had to deal with! You'd go crazy long before you'd have gotten to that number. So, given the sheer numbers, the relative scarcity of wangdangdoodles is a minor miracle.

Anonymous said...

So, given the sheer numbers, the relative scarcity of wangdangdoodles is a minor miracle.

Ron, one of the best things about reading Althouse is coming across delightful turns of phrase (and pearls of wisdom) such as yours! Thanks!

kentuckyliz said...

I enjoy your blog because I'm bat-shit crazy, too! ^5

Maybe we should start a new club: the Guano Girls!

(tongue planted firmly in cheek)

There's plenty of other places to find all the news headlines and every partisan's latest rant on it. I like your eclectic selection of material, serious and not.