December 12, 2006

NYT permalinks.

Thanks for pointing that out. I hadn't noticed. But I did notice that they've started linking to (at least some) webpages they write about. It's good to play nice with the bloggers.


Mark Daniels said...

NYT has linked to my site only once, to a quickly-written piece of mine on the Gospel of Judas. It was sort of a rush:


kettle said...

It's about time!

I understand their fears about readers who head out on a link and don't come back, at least when the article is multiple pages; but it also seems likely that one could cleverly spread a series of interesting, related links throughout the article.

If readers were aware of a strategy like this, they might actually be more likely to at least go over all pages in an article, to make sure they haven't missed an interesting connection. One might even manage to maximize the number of pages (and hence ads) viewed with a strategy like this.

Would be interesting to test...