December 29, 2006

"Local singer loses dog while in Germany."

Just checking the morning headlines. What if that's the most exciting news of the day? It would be the best day in the history of the world.


Mr. Forward said...

Even better headline:
"Local Dog Found Leading Saddam to Gallows"

AllenS said...

The second most exciting news of the day: Derve has been identified as lost rabid dog.

Bart Hall (Kansas, USA) said...

"Hooray. Hooray. I'm going away -- with the men in the little white coats. I'm all dressed up in my new ..."

hdhouse said...

thanks ann. sorry for your woes....and as to the lost dog in could have been worse. it could have been a cat.

Pogo said...

Re: "It would be the best day in the history of the world"

Great notion, that. agreed.

In a way, then, it is the best day in the history of the world. So let's all find that dog!

Mortimer Brezny said...

Hmm, I'm getting a moderation thingy. How is Derve still posting?

Gerald Hibbs said...

The way most sock puppets have been caught is by checking the ip addresses. If they are the same they are indicative of being the same person. If they aren't that doesn't necessarily mean anything. I'm not sure how to go about checking that under the system. Anybody know? (I can only get a few websites since the Taiwan earthquake or I'd look it up myself)

Also, the allegation, if sincerely believed and withdrawn when proven incorrect, of posting under multiple names doesn't rise to the level of: lies, threats, smears. Can you even smear an anonymous name or are you suggesting your real name is "derve" or "ploopus?" Note, I say this as I post under my own real life name. A practice I recommend as it makes one much more responsible in what one posts.

Frankly, having read your posts I can understand initial annoyance if Ann is incorrect but your response seems more indicative of needing anger management therapy. I'm an Ann fan not a devotee, if you were correct I'd support you. Honestly, at this point you are making yourself look deranged much more than making Ann look bad.

Bart -- Good one. Loves me some Dr. D.

Michael Farris said...

What a misleading headline, I was prepared for dark teutonic plots and legends of dog-eating mountain gnomes (or something about neo-nazis or turkish immigrants there's so many colorful, horrifying things that can happen to a soul in Germany).
No such luck, however, the singer was in Germany but the dog got lost in Newport Fucking News.

paul a'barge said...

It's a terrible thing to lose a dog.

My wife and I have been through this several times, and thankfully each time the dog has come back or been returned.

But I can tell you that while we're celebrating a dearth of suffering in the world, out there an artist's heart is breaking.

Just saying.

Ruth Anne Adams said...
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Pogo said...

Ruth Anne, the problem with GPS for dogs is that they can't read the damn manual, they don't have any cash to buy the dang things, and, being largely dyslexic, they keep misreading the item as PSG for Gods, and that makes them wonder why in heaven God would need a sleep study.

But what a great idea!

Mr. Forward said...

RE: GPS for Dogs
This one looks cool too. Costs more but works without a cell phone.

PS: Shouldn't our dogs be looking for us? They have the better nose.

Or maybe not.

"Humans skilled in tracking scent, researchers find"

Anonymous said...

This one's pretty good too; it's on right now.

"Fish-Carrying Bald Eagle Passes Over New York's Central Park",2933,239472,00.html