December 30, 2006

"It’s like the suffocating rubber clown suit begins to dissolve."

David Lynch explains Transcendental Meditation. He's into it. Is it going to change his films?
“You don’t have to suffer to show suffering,” he said of the violence in his movies. The filmmaker sees no contradiction between inner harmony and external edginess.

“I heard Charles Bukowski started meditation late in his life,” Mr. Lynch said, referring to the poet laureate of Skid Row, who died in 1994. “He was an angry, angry guy, but he apparently loved meditation.”

Of course, just as meditation never got Mr. Lynch over a taste for the macabre, it never quenched Mr. Bukowski’s famous thirst for whiskey. “Well, maybe in time, it would have,” Mr. Lynch said with a smile. “In the meantime — just more enjoyment of the whiskey.”
I wonder how it would go with blogging. All the same old taunts and snark, but inside: new mellowness!


Charlie (Colorado) said...

If it were going to change his films, it already has: Lynch has been a meditator for years and years.

Quote: "That all changed in 1973, when the future filmmaker discovered meditation,...."

kojak said...

hmf, i see

PatCA said...

He's a little odd, and also a 9/11 conspiracy theorist. Don't know if the two are connected, but apparently the TM hasn't totally brought him peace of mind.:)

Ann Althouse said...

PatCA: That link goes nowhere, but if Lynch is a 9/11 conspiracy guy... Well, it's just one more reason not to listen to artists talking about politics.

PatCA said...

Here's another one...9/11 conspiracy theorist

Joe Baby said...

Somebody needs to liveblog this new mellowness.

Sanjay said...

TM kind of wrecked Charles Lloyd for a while, and now he's doing really great great stuff but really a different sort of thing from what he was doing pre-TM. So, I'm thinking like anything people are very serious about it will affect the art somebody produces. But not necessarily for the worse.

Meade said...

Joe Baby said...
"Somebody needs to liveblog this new mellowness."

And who better than Althouse?

High point in a great great movie:
A candy-colored clown they call the sandman
Tiptoes to my room every night
Just to sprinkle stardust and to whisper
Go to sleep. everything is all right.

Kyle said...

Howard Stern is a TM guy. It made him the man/performer he is.