December 27, 2006

"How long do you think it will take before they make a James Brown biopic?"

I said yesterday. Answer: here.


Zeb Quinn said...

Casting is what will make or break this film. Specifically, who will play James Brown?

goesh said...

Who knows who could or would portray him? I would give a strong nod of approval for Walter Brennan if he wasn't white and dead. Don't malign me - I just stopped off at a podunk town known for its strong KKK and militia presence and went into the local Dollar Store and they are playing all kinds of James Brown songs, and playing them loudly. It's an odd world we live in these days.

Anonymous said...

Music would also make or break it, they better not have someone singing their version of JB.


Anonymous said...

Jamie Foxx did a great job playing Ray Charles, and despite his Oscar-nominated acting performance, the focus was on Ray Charles, not Jamie Foxx.

So my guess is that they will get Jamie Foxx based on past performance (sort of like when the actor who played Dumbledore died unexpectedly during the Harry Potter films, they played it safe and hired the actor who had played a similar character in Lord of the Rings.) Put it this way-- if they don't hire Foxx, and they get an unknown, it will be an early indication that it is a low-budget (and probably worth missing) effort.

Wonder if they will have something in the movie about him instructing his lawyer to lock out his widow after his death (not that she doesn't deserve it-- she apparently went on a retreat when he was on his death bed, neither visiting him at the hospital nor spending the time with her five year old son who was losing his father; Brown apparently carefully landscaped the legal ground so she will get nothing or at most very little.)

KCFleming said...

I feeel dead..
I knew that I would now.


ignacio said...

biopics are trash. let's just have a documentary which emphasizes the work done before 1970 or so.