December 3, 2006

"He can't get within a Glenn of me!"

"Glinks are links from guys named Glenn."

Those are just two quotes from me, in my 73rd podcast, talking about my irritation with Andrew Sullivan. Stay tuned! The podcast will be available shortly. And longly.


LoafingOaf said...

I noticed Sullivan's "reply" to your taking exception to being lied about without being properly linked was to link to some Althouse spoof site. That might've made him feel good for a few minutes, but some of us who saw it lost further respect for his blog.

He often says he loves to engage in debate. He doesn't. He prefers to just label or demonize those who disagree with him so he can dismiss them and their points.

I had mixed feelings on the "Christianist" controversy and would've enjoyed seeing some fair and respectful back and forth between you, InstaPundit, and Sullivan (not with Greenwald, obviously).

Doyle said...

Sounds like gold.