December 19, 2006

"The failure to make normative life course transitions."

Evite causes a twinge.


MadisonMan said...

I note that in the long list of invited families, apparently none of the women retained their own name. If I were to invite friends to a party (using evite when pigs fly), I'd be using a lot of hyphenated names and Smith/Jones type names.

Having made that observation, I'll add that going to a New Year's Eve party with children present is way way way down at the bottom of my list of Things To Do. Get a babysitter people -- my 13-yo is available!

Susan said...

I know how he feels. When someone in my family wrote and distributed a geneology book, all my current relatives had nice little biographies. Mine? Three words: Susan never married.

downtownlad said...

Who wants to be normative?

I get the opposite complaint from my parties. My friends complain "Why is it starting at 10 p.m.????? It's hard to get a babysitter so late!".

Anonymous said...

Susan, I feel your pain. I attended a large family reunion once and there was a set of geneaological records handed out to "each family." I was single. Did I receive one? No. Did my dingbat 18 year old married cousin get one? Of course.

When I questioned why she received one and I didn't, I was told I could share my parents' copy. Ummm, I live several hundred miles away from my parents.

"But you're not a new family unit until your married!"

Sigh. I'm married now, but no one sent me the records for my "officially adult" present.

Pogo said...

The fact of fewer teen girls being around in the first place, and of them, fewer still willing to do babysitting (thanks, Title IX!) meant limited choices for adult parties.

When I remarked on this to a colleague, an Irishman and wit, I bemoaned my sorry fate, that my social life was now wholly controlled by the whims of a 13 year old girl.

He asked, somewhat bored, "So that's your wife, then?"

Jennifer said...

Check out, people. on the other hand, I do NOT recommend.

milwaukee39 said...

Ah-ha! Finally a diagnosis for my failure to be yet married while only a few months shy of my 40th birthday. I have failed to make "normative life course transitions."