December 17, 2006

"'Billy Quinn'... has Dylan's mannerisms and sports a checked scarf like the one Dylan sports on the cover of his classic 'Blonde on Blonde'..."

More on Bob Dylan's legal efforts to block the movie "Factory Girl," which depicts a character who seems to be Bob Dylan and implies that he drove Edie Sedgwick to suicide. A couple of days ago, I wrote that it was "rather absurd that a public figure like Bob Dylan even cares that a fictional composite character is based in part on him." But if the character looks just like the "Blonde on Blonde" Dylan and is named Quinn -- a clear invocation of a Bob Dylan song -- then the claim that it's a composite character doesn't mean much. And the fact that the movie does depict Bob Dylan will be something that will attract attention to a movie about a woman most people don't know or care about.

Hey, would you be more or less likely to commit suicide if the songs "Just Like a Woman" and "Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat" were written about you? I'd be cheered up no end... even if the relationship was horrible.
Well, you look so pretty in it
Honey, can I jump on it sometime?
Yes, I just wanna see
If it's really that expensive kind
You know it balances on your head
Just like a mattress balances
On a bottle of wine
Your brand new leopard-skin pill-box hat
That's kind of been my favorite Bob Dylan song for more than two decades. It's surely my favorite Bob Dylan simile. I know when I think about balance, that's the image in my head.


paul a'barge said...

she left to try to establish an independent carer in movies, a dream that crumbled with her drug use and lengthy stay at treatment centers.

Wow. Who would blame anyone but the individual herself for something like this?

Isn't it nuts to give Dylan this kind of power?

Sissy Willis said...

Coments to your Timepiece aren't working, so I'm commenting here . . . Good point, but it's too late for me, as I have already taken the bait and run with it:

"Meanwhile nobody fixed global warming"

George said...

I don't know about being the object of one of Dylan's songs, but what if you are New Republic columnist Michael Crowley. and Michael Crichton slimes you in his new novel, creating a character with a nearly identical name, job, and education...who's a child rapist....


Hamsun56 said...

Hey, would you be more or less likely to commit suicide if the songs "Just Like a Woman" and "Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat" were written about you? I'd be cheered up no end... even if the relationship was horrible.
I think most women would be flattered to be the muse for "Just Like a Woman". Not sure about LSPBH. It's one of Dylan's more brutal put down songs. While I find the following amusing, I'm not sure if the intended target would.

Well, I see you got a new boyfriend
You know, I never seen him before
Well, I saw him
Makin' love to you
You forgot to close the garage door

Speaking of suicides caused by Dylan songs, I remember hearing a rumor that Brian Jones got really bummed out because he thought "Ballad of a Thin Man" was about him. Sounds far fetched to me.

Meade said...

Ah but I was so less litigious then,
I'm market savvier than that now.

Cleveland Bob said...

What is astounding about you folks is that you get that Dylan hates you. What's up with your cognitive dissonance on the right?

Springsteen, Dylan, Woody Guthrie, The Who...they all hate your politics.

Go home, thrown out all your recording and go buy Bob Seeger and Charlie Daniels.

It's obvious that you don't understand anything about rock music you dimwits.

elle said...

Dylan has some pretty hateful songs. If Edie was really in love with him.....hummm. I have seen him in concert when he seemed so loaded...we all left depressed. Maybe he should get off of his "box". Time wounds all heels.

Sara said...

Wow Cleveland Bob...
saying no one gets Dylan is like saying no one gets Andy Warhol... we all get that we are not supposed to get him, that they wanted us to hate them...
Like Kurt Cobain right?
Man, getting all upset about people analyzing Bob dylan's sore attempt at legal backlash due to this movie is like defending Dungeons and Dragons...
we get it, we just aren't that passionate about it.
Hope you feel better Dungeon Master

And I am yet another person that finds it a bit bothersome that Dylan would take this so personally. And here is the real catch... I am a big Dylan fan.
Lighten up people.