December 19, 2006

Althouse snags a big endorsement.

Thanks, David! And I'm delighted to have you on my side for the "Christianist catfight" and the "all-time favorite Althouse-cation."


Simon said...

My question is if this is a poll where we are supposed to vote more than once, à la that other award contest, or whether we're on the honor system to vote only once?

Ann Althouse said...

A blog poll can easily be set to prevent multiple voting. This blocks you from voting more than once a day. So it's a vote-once-a-day poll. Voting ends on the 24th.

Simon said...

Duly noted.

Supplemental reason to vote for you: no other nominee is qualified to give an Eleventh Amendment Fisking (corrected version of Glenn's link).

SteveR said...

I noticed the first comment of the famous "Althouse-cation" jumped right into the boobytrap. I commented second about the "Southern Chicken".

Thus sums up the life of SteveR, looking at the menu while the crowds are having sex.

hdhouse said...

Gosh and all this time I thought Ann was joking. I mean her views are so silly I just assumed.

You mean people take her seriously?