November 19, 2006


Stare well.

Overture stairway


kettle said...

that's cool. it reminds me of escher!

Dave said...

MC Escher.

I see I've been beat with that observation.

Derve said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ruth Anne Adams said...

Star Ewell: the unwritten character in "To Kill a Mockingbird."

Johnny Nucleo said...

I checked out Derve's blog. It is all about Althouse. This is very psycho.

But I must admit, I envy Ann because she inspires psychos to hate her obsessively. In my opinion, you have not really arrived until this happens.

Since I do not have any psychos dedicated to the hatred of me, I have invented an imaginary psycho to hate me. His name is Psycho-Dude.

Here is a pretend comment from Psycho-Dude.

"I hate you, Johnny Nucleo! I hate you, I hate you! Why don't you go suck an egg, Johnny Nucleo! But I kind of love you, too. Also, I hate my mother and I once killed a kitten when I was little, but I did not feel sad until years later when I saw the film "Nashville" by Robert Altman, and that made me think of the kitten and I cried. Also, I wear women's underwear, but I am not gay, but I do sort of wish I were a woman."

- Psycho-Dude

Truly said...

Far out!

Also, I like the new home page photo. Is it recent?

Maxine Weiss said...

Regarding the new home page photo:

Ann always looks very tentative in her photos. Very reticent, hesitant.

---Like there's something uncertain about the whole thing.

You've got to take that picture with Ghusto. No hesitation whatsoever! Like, you're gonna just devour that camera!

Peace, Maxine

Truly said...

I dunno, Maxine. They seem more "femme fatale" to me.

Ann Althouse said...

I just did that picture today. The old one looked to summery. That was my summery judgment.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

How about a photoblog round-up of your avatar photos? It will show the progression of the blog. Red with bangs; blonde without bangs, etc.

Also: a round-up of the foot shots for those who know who they are. Just to be fair.