November 17, 2006

The return of the silicone breast.

Now, once again, you can get that special, smooshy siliconicality you love so much.


Anonymous said...

Is that anything like Wessonality?

Maybe it's the secret ingedient!

knoxgirl said...

That Florence, what a peach!

chickenlittle said...

Some of us are fortunate enough to have wives who don't need them.

Revenant said...

Much as I dislike fake breasts (they look weird and feel weirder), I'm glad to see the FDA has finally given in to science and common sense and ended this ridiculous ban. The implants should never have been pulled off the market in the first place.

hdhouse said...

ahhh ann..the memories

al said...

"smooshy siliconicality" will never match the real thing but for women who either desire or need them - it's good that they have the option.

bearbee said...

After all the lawsuits I am surprised that there are manufacturers still willing to provide a product.

Alan said...

...Or you can get a Palmer's 3D Mousepad. :)

Charles Giacometti said...

Breastblogging again, I see.

mcg said...

Yeah, none of the alternatives to silicone really had the same, um, effectiveness. For example, for awhile they tried filling breast implants with peanut oil, thinking that would be entirely benign if they ruptured, etc... only the darn things kept sticking to the rooves of people's mouths.

john(lesser) said...

Even on a lawprof's blog, everyone is goofing on this. Surprising to say the least. A huge fortune 500 company, Dow/Corning was cannibalized over the silicon witch hunt. A few others (3M of the top of my head) took big hits.

If you want to see an entertaining yet totally factually inaccurate description of what happened, I suggest watching the David Schwimmer/Chris Cooper HBO vehicle Breast Men. It was made at the height of the silicon inquisition and there is not a hint of irony in it.

johnstodderinexile said...

This smells like a plot by some mastermind at the Association of Trial Lawyers.

First, bring back the silicon implants. Come on, Fortune 500 companies. Water's just fine. Women love 'em. Howard Stern swears by 'em. Come on, just make a few, pleeeaz?

Then, work with the media to make silicon implants the hippest possible fashion accessory. Get Paris Hilton to buy some. Profits zoom, big companies start to crowd in.

Then-Wham! Expose on 20/20. Lawsuits. 9 figure settlements. Yay for the lawyers!

Then, call

Internet Ronin said...
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Internet Ronin said...

Given the qualified consent of the government (I shudder to say endorsement because it sure didn't read like one), I think John Stodder may be right about this. I thought Allergan was a smarter company than it appears to be, too.

When I read this, the first thing that came to my mind was not the "bimbo market" but breast cancer survivors. I know that reconstructive surgery is extremely important to a significant number of those who undergo a mastectomy.

The Drill SGT said...


carrying on our discussion about whose roots are more rural and whose water is/was stolen by the Angelino's.

I was born in Oroville, CA, the thriving county seat of Butte County. Pop 10,000, located in the Sierra foothills at 2,000 feet elev.

That North and rural enough?
for you bystanders, as we mentioned on another thread, all land fights in the West ultimately are about water. In my case it was the Oroville Dam. A huge federal and state project that moves water from Northern Ca to a wide areas of the south CA coast, Fresno, Riverside, etc. Great LA basin.
Oroville Dam is a major water storage facility for the State Water Project (SWP). The dam releases an average of 2.8 million acre feet (MAF) of its total capacity of 3.5 MAF. Water deliveries made to Butte and Plumas County in northern CA and to the lower San Joaquin Valley (Kern, San Bernadino, King and Riverside Counties) in southern CA are mainly to irrigate agricultural crops. Eighty-five percent of the water demand in the San Joaquin Region is for irrigation with twenty-nine percent of the water supply coming from imported State Water Project (SWP) deliveries from Lake Oroville. This imported water is crucial to prevent groundwater supplies from becoming severely depleted. Additional water supplied by Lake Oroville is delivered to counties to the South Coast Region.
this BTW is a friendly discussion, not a water feud.

bearbee said...

Then-Wham! Expose on 20/20. Lawsuits. 9 figure settlements. Yay for the lawyers!

Heh,heh....that evil genius just might, through certain lawsuits drain back into the US economy some of China's one trillion dollar surplus accumulated mainly through US consumers.

Dave said...

Fake breasts are great. I've never understood why more women aren't as well endowed as Pamela Anderson.

(If you take this comment seriously--get a life!)

Internet Ronin said...

Born in Oroville but, as I saw elsewhere, later complicit in stealing mywater to make wine, or at least drink it. An now? Are you a flat-lander today, or a beneficiary of Hetch-Hechy per chance? ;-)

Speaking of Oroville (& the dam). Went there once in the Model A and toured around. Nice place to be from, I must say. Operative word being from, of course.

The Drill SGT said...

1950-55 actually born in Chico, because Oroville had no hospital.
55-67 raised in Sacramento
67-69 UC Davis
70-71 Vietnam
72-74 Davis
75-85 Army (Europe, Irvine (MBA), TX, NJ, and MD
86 married an Army JAG and we left the active Army
86 - present USAR for me and NG for wife
stuck in DC with my Fed wife.

so except for 18 months in 78-79 in Irvine, I was upsteam supplying, not drinking your water :)

PS: Yes, I haven't been to Oroville since my grandmother died and real Zephyr stopped running.

PPS: I never lived in SF and certainly didn't dam the Hetch Hetchy. I didn't committ that crime

Kent said...

The implant lawsuits always bothered me, because the plaintiff's science was so obviously junky. It shakes my faith in the jury system that so many juries couldn' see this, even with the help of the defendants' expert witnesses

What a bunch of boobs.

knoxgirl said...

Are you a flat-lander today


The Drill SGT said...

knoxgirl said...
Are you a flat-lander today,

I live in flat Virginia. I think his question was whether I lived downstream of him in California and was after his Sierra Foothills water.

see rule 1: in the West, all land fights are ultimately water fights.