November 25, 2006

A man who saved us so much time.

H. Donald Wilson, the man who thought up Lexis-Nexis, back in 1969, has died:
A turning point for the acceptance of Lexis came in the early 1970s, when Mr. Wilson arranged for a skeptical audience at the Supreme Court to use the new system. The Lexis system found more cases than the court clerks found by using manual research methods.
Sounds like a scene from the movie "Desk Set"... except in the movie -- spoiler alert! -- the human beings beat the computer.
Bunny Watson: I don't smoke, I only drink champagne when I'm lucky enough to get it, my hair is naturally natural, I live alone... and so do you.

Richard Sumner: How do you know that?

Bunny Watson: Because you're wearing one brown sock and one black sock.
See? People are better. But thanks for the machine!


Ann Althouse said...

Thanks. Fixed.

Dale B said...

I solved the sock problem by having six pairs of the same style black sox. They all wear out at the same time so when they do, I pitch them all and buy six more. The same goes for the six pair of white sweat sox.

It's not very fashionable but since I have the fashion sense of a grape, it all works out.

Maxine Weiss said...

He has no chemistry with her.

Hard to believe they liked eachother in real life....although whatever she found attractive in him..who knows? He was a drunk, and a mean drunk at that.

Don't like her, or her taste in men---married men.

A much better movie along the same lines... "His Gal Friday" with Rosalind Russell and Cary Grant..I think that's 1942.

Peace, Maxine