November 29, 2006

"It's good to be on top."

The ad agency celebrates itself with an ad that everyone will see and talk about. You got a problem with that?
In a stab at paying tribute to all the winners of the coveted Lion awards at the 2006 Cannes International Advertising Festival -- considered the most prestigious of many annual advertising competitions -- Draft FCB placed a display ad in the November issue of Creativity magazine that is an astoundingly large and graphic image of two real lions in the act of having sex surrounded by a huge amount of white space....

At best the Draft FCB tribute ad -- with its overt visual and verbal sexual bent -- represents an inexplicable lapse in good taste. At worst, it's a downright vulgar and hugely inappropriate means of applauding winners of awards intended to honor the world's most creative advertising....

A Draft FCB spokesman admitted the ad was "a terrible mistake," and further claimed the work was "submitted without proper approval."
Isn't that what you always say about your viral ads?


David said...

Oh The HUmanity!

What a hoot! The irony of criticizing an ad agency poking fun at the poster child of coarse behavior, the entertainment industry, is rich!

Parody stings when it hits too close to the truth! I thought the ad was funny! Reminds me of Mel Brooks' famous line "It's good to be King!"

Lion Talk for "I love you my pet!"

knox said...

"The ad agency celebrates itself"

This sums up the aesthetic of the ad business pretty nicely.

Unknown said...

"...represents an inexplicable lapse in good taste."

I cannot say, as an eager Christianist, finding advertising lapsing in good taste as "inexplicable."

Although some will be offended, undoubtedly, by the hetero-normative implications of the ad, albeit with lion proxies rather than real, live humans.

Joe said...

It just reminded me of a trip to the Bronx Zoo when my daughters were very young. Two chimps started going at it and my kids were laughing - they said look, the monkeys are playing horsey!

reader_iam said...

Based on the reaction of the ad-type commenters to this "it's good to be on top (etc.)" ad, I don't know that this really "sums up the aesthetic of the ad business" generally.

The attitude, maybe, but I'm not so sure about the aesthetic.

reader_iam said...

By commenters, I'm talking about over at the linked post.

Maxine Weiss said...

Leos tend to be bombastic and arrogant.

That's the trouble with 'em.

They aren't sensitive and all-knowing like we Pisces.

Clinton was a Leo.

I figures.

(This was a post about Astrology, wasn't it?)

You know I always read through Althouse posts very very very carefully.

Everything Althouse writes, you can be sure, I go over with a fine-tooth-comb.

Pisces are the best!

Peace, Maxine

Joe said...

I laughed.