November 23, 2006


The commenters on the previous post claim to be suffering from withdrawal on account of low Althouse bloggage today, so let me give you another picture:

Holly with shadow

I seem to be specializing in green. Check the pictures in the previous two posts. And I seem to be anticipating the next holiday on this holiday. Should I say holly day?

It's in the mid-50s today, here in Madison, Wisconsin. So it's not as if I'm buried in snow and longing for the green of summer. It seems rather green here right now, especially after I raked all the brown leaves off my lawn today.

Hear that? I finally raked the leaves! I've been feeling bad for weeks... almost months... because of my failure to deal with the leaf situation. I'd been on the verge of calling my lawn/snow service people and hiring them to do the leaves for me -- and I've never hired anyone to do my leaves -- and then wavering, thinking that it's more trouble to call and arrange for them to be done than to just do them myself. Two interchangeable chores, and me not doing either.

But this morning, it was warm and sunny, and I finally did it. Doing the leaves, I got a chance to see things in the yard that I normally overlook. Like that rabbit hole. (I kind of fell in it. Not big time. Just would have sprained my ankle if my foot were smaller style.) And I noticed that the little holly bush had grown lots of red berries. So I cut a few sprigs -- they weren't boughs of holly -- and put them in a glass on the glass table.

Then I noticed the shadows and got out the camera:

Holly shadow

After focusing on the hard shadows, I was able to perceive the soft light effects in the room:

Filtered light

The leaded glass made subtle rainbows on the painted cabinet.

Beauty is everywhere.



Goesh said...

i ate too much pie

Ruth Anne Adams said...

I guess it'll do in a pinch--like methodone when your heroin dealer is out of the net.

MadisonMan said...

We ate early, and could therefore take a nice long walk in the late afternoon slanted sunshine. Now the turkey stock is made, and the carcass is in the trash. Bonus: House is clean, 'cause we hosted dinner.

Kev said...

That earlier post about the rabbit hole contained a question from a commenter that didn't have an answer; he thought you'd traded your house for a downtown condo, and I did too; did I miss an update or something?

Oh, and great pictures as always.

WV: dryqiz (a really boring test?)

SteveWe said...

There is something about the light in these pictures and others that you've posted before. There is a clarity and color fidelity that I've seldom seen -- and it's not the camera. Madison air must be very clean.

Nee said...


Cool pix. Is that a church pew in the top picture? Anybody?

Maria said...

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