November 8, 2006

Echoes of last night's blogger party chaos.


Ruth Anne Adams said...

"What do you cover?"

The blogger's version of "What's your sign?"

Chris said...

Maybe in '08, they can get everyone a wearable webcam and then they can edit the interesting parts together later--it'll be like "Cops"!

Derve said...

"What's your beat?"

Meade said...

"I'm a law professor."

The other blogger's version of "I'm a Scorpio. Mess with me... (hair flip)... and you die."

Mark Daniels said...

This was an interesting effort on CNN's part to tap into the blogging world.

But I felt badly for all of you being surrounded by CNN's election coverage. I went to CNN for a few minutes on election night. But, frankly, despite the annoying presence of Keith Olbermann--stick to sports, Keith--I could not tear myself away from Chris Matthews.

In 40+ years of watching election night coverage, Matthews is the best I've seen. He loves politics, he's a straight-shooter, he doesn't fall for spin, and he's funny.

But it was really cool that you were invited to blog the election by CNN, Ann! I hope that all the news networks will do something like this in the future.


Maxine Weiss said...

Grainy and shaky camera. Must be the trendy new cinematography techniques now utilized in shooting such scenes.

And, suspiciously, the visuals don't seem to support the amount of noise being heard.

Hmmm. Did CNN possibly pipe in atmospheric enhancements to make it look more highly charged?, than it really was? --Give it more of a buzz, than was actually occurring?

Wouldn't put it past CNN to add in screams, whoops, carrying-on, and such...

--After all this is a network that manufactures news out of thin air. Why not add in some screaming and yelling to give the atmosphere the excitement, and excess noise.... that the visuals don't support.

Peace, Maxine