November 14, 2006

"Convoluted recovery-movement styles of deploying power."

Just a phrase that caught my eye in a review of the HBO documentary -- called "Thin" -- about an anorexia treatment center.


KCFleming said...

What a great review.

The anorexics and bulemics can become infuriating because, like the schoolmarm institutions they end up in, they are disciples in the Religion of Health. The overly thin are merely one form of heresy in that cult.

A whole life crafted around Nutrition is as empty as one built on Starving. Its boring and selfish.

And at Renfrew Center, it seems, these girls are just trading one sect for another.

Sigivald said...

Am I the only one sick of the use of "deploying" for things other than troop movements?

The use of "deploy" as a verboutside of a military or software-rollout context, along with any use of "hegemony", have become, in my analysis, gibberish signals.

By which I mean, they signal that whatever includes them is most likely pseudo-intellectual gibberish.