November 14, 2006


Some people wanted to know who was the 6,666,666th visitor to this blog. Here's some info from Site Meter:
Zekstra-Informacione Tehnologije
Country : Serbia and Montenegro
City : Beograd
Referring URL nicole smith
Search Engine
Search Words ann nicole smith
Visit Entry Page
Visit Exit Page

It does seem a little evil... just a little.


Brian Doyle said...

I don't see what's so evil about it. Just another Eastern European with a perfectly innocent interest in Ann[a] Nicole Smith.

I'm sure he found the analysis of her SCOTUS case simply fascinating.

Kirk Parker said...

Hmmm, somebody maybe needs to tell Site Meter that it's not "Serbia and Montenegro" any more.

Meade said...

So it's safe to come back now?


GPE said...


666 is the sign of the devil, or The Devil, to his friends. So, 6666 would be the sign of the Super Devil, 66666 the sign of the Super Duper Devil, 666666 the sign of the Super Duper Uber Devil and 6666666 the sign of the Mondo Super Duper Uber Devil.

OK, got it. Just had to do the math on paper.

He hails from Serbia and Montenegro.

And seems to be looking for Ann Nicole Smith.


Mr. Forward said...

Has anybody ever seen Anna Nicole Smith and Ann Althouse in one place at the same time?

I thought not.


I'm Full of Soup said...

Could it be Count Dracula seeking a juicy specimen?

Anonymous said...

Forget "Serbia and Montenegro." Looks like Carpathia to me.

SteveS said...

Too bad Site Meter doesn't record his age and wealth, because then Anna Nicole Smith would know whether to be interested in him.