October 27, 2006


I'm on Week in Review, starting in a few minutes, and, nicely, I'm able to get on the WiFi today. We'll see if being able to look things up on the fly makes things better and whether I'm tempted to blog as I go. The show will be up for streaming here later this morning.

ADDED: First subject: Rush Limbaugh on Michael J. Fox's political ad and the stem cell research issue. Second: That anti-Harold Ford ad. Third: The New Jersey marriage decision.

AND: Iraq.

MORE: Here's some background on that "Injun time" story I didn't know anything about.


JorgXMcKie said...

I'd say a certain amount of selective indignation exists on all sides. It's not that pleasant wherever it pops up.

SWBarns said...

Here is Michael Steele's response to MJ Fox's stem cell ad in Maryland.


Much more effective than any I have seen from Missouri.

Eli Blake said...

Funny, I was also on radio today, being interviewed about the new investigation regarding my Congressman (Rick Renzi).

And one thing that came up on the radio (so I just blogged about as well) is that I have figured out that rather than being two separate investigations (as reported by the media) it is actually one, pretty complex investigation. The media got hold of apparently two seperate leaks, and they came from the two ends of the investigation and so appeared unrelated.

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