October 18, 2006

"Project Runway," the finale, part 2.

Of course, you're watching the "Project Runway" finale, right?

My position right now, at the first commercial break: Anybody but Laura!

At the second break: We've seen Jeffrey's show and Uli's. Both very nice, but I'd give the edge to Jeffrey. What do I know? I thought there were nice details, interesting jackets. Uli had of lot of flowy, sheer things that had some nice color and print.

At the third break: I'm so annoyed at Laura for putting Jeffrey through the wringer, accusing him of cheating, that it's hard for me to be fair. But I will say I liked her first dress, or was it just that I loved the very long, straight red hair on the model? Anyway, too many ooky black feathers. Plus, did I say I don't like her? Michael. Everybody loves Michael, but that stuff looked kind of badly made and the styles seemed way too trashy. I didn't get the color at all.

At the fourth break: Based on the things the judges said, I think it's between Jeffrey and Uli, and I've got a feeling that the emphasis on Jeffrey's going $200 over budget means they're going to draw attention to that as a key deciding factor. I think Uli won it.

The home viewers picked Michael!

The judgment: Michael is eliminated first... and summarily. Second out is Laura: "too limited for us." So it is between Jeffrey and Uli. Jeffrey won!

"It's all just a bunch of vibrations." — Jeffrey.


Titus said...

I know this is totally corny but I almost cried watching it. I was so excited for them. They have not announced the "placements" and all of them have presented their collections.
During the entire season of course Michael was so sweet and nice.
But I have to go with Uli tonight.
Why anybody but Laura?

lal said...

i agree that jeffrey put together an interesting collection but laura's collection had an elegance missing from the others'

but what gives with these models --what a dangerously emaciated group--
much more so than the models during the previous episodes.

Blue said...

Ugh. The creepy Jeffrey wins it. What a waste. I find his personality disgusting. He's crass, vulgar, maliciously impolite. His fashions leave me scratching my head. Japanese ghosts??

caroline said...

Ugh! Jeffrey's clothes were awful. And he's a lowlife. I have no doubt that he used some of his sweatshop illegals to sew all those pieces.

Based on the Bryant Park show I think Uli was the winner with Laura a close second (would be the winner based on the full season and would have pwned this show if she'd had a bit more variety). These two design clothes that women actually want to wear. I didn't really get the whole ragging on Laura for skewing too old--I'm 22 and I'd wear most of her stuff if I was dressing up.

chuck b. said...

Totally different commentors here--cool!

I'm just going to listen.

Joe said...

I'm so glad Laura didn't win. She reminded me of people who have stabbed me in the back before. I could not believe it when she said "I wasn't questioning your integrity."

In the end, though, my wife and I agreed that Uli and, possibly Michael, will end up making more money. From comments made, I wouldn't even be surprised if a chain like Target or Mervyns already want a deal with Uli.

lal said...

i'm quite upset that jeffrey won--his designs did not have the vaunted "point of view" the judges seemed to want.
and how in blazes does michael kors judge color and "flashiness" while wearing those dark sun glasses which probably block a significant range of the color spectrum?

Anonymous said...

I agree with blue and caroline. Jeffrey had a couple of cute outfits, but, ugh, a lot of his taste is just offputting and creepy, like his personality. I don't understand the judges love affair with him. And of course his illegals were doing the work for him. As though there would be receipts for that!

Uli and Laura for me. I loved several of Laura's evening gowns and Uli's flowing looks. They both had gorgeous detail in their hems.

The audience clapped for Laura the way they didn't for anyone else. Obviously they were quite impressed by her work. I wish she had understood she needed more range.

rhodeymark1 said...

So - Ann is satisfied and everyone else is torqued. The producers of this blog scripted it that way! Seriously, my wife and I both thought Uli was the star of the show, with Laura a very marketable second. Heidi: "I would wear everything I saw from her" Nina: "So many people have come up to me asking about her" MK: "I've had it viss zees hot vezzer clozings" (OK - I made that up, but feel he was the driving force for Jeffrey's win). Hey Jeff - I guess God was drunk after all! Jeff's sobriety should earn him a ripe old age, and that hideous tattoo will be just punishment for his continued impertinence. I see a line of "Gwen Stefani" turtlenecks in his future.

Shanna said...

but what gives with these models --what a dangerously emaciated group--
much more so than the models during the previous episodes.

I noticed that too and thought maybe it was just me.

I wanted Uli to win. I think everything she's done has been beautiful and wearable and I want her to have an Uli store where I can go buy pretty print dresses.

I can get why they picked Jeffrey, but I really think Uli will have the most success.

I lost some respect for Laura, and most of her collection was too old and feathery for my taste.

Michael. I love him, but this collection was not good. I did love the white shorts with the white top. If he'd done a whole collection of that kind of stuff, he might have won.

knox said...

Uli's was the best, Laura's next. Too bad Tim Gunn sort of discouraged Laura from the experimentation she was trying when he went to visit her. Otherwise she might have won. Michael's was too hoochie, but it did look a lot better on the models than it did on the hangers.

I'm like a broken record here, but I think the judges by default favor the assholey enfant terrible every season. Just churn out some forced, wacky designs, and it's "oh so innovative!" ...all the other crap you do is forgiven.

I thought Jeffrey's green striped dress was brilliant, but the rest of his collection, not so much-- and definitely not as flattering and aesthetically pleasing as Uli or Laura's.

Oh well.

KCFleming said...

I think I am begining to understand why the fashion week winner is going to be more of the high-design-who-wears-that-stuff? variety.

Where Uli and Laura did indeed design clothes that women want to buy (and will buy), the clothes by le enfant provide inspiration, buzz, and excitement. It's a rarified crowd to whom that appeals, but I suspect this is true.

Note that the WalMart guy looked at Michael's entire season as a winner. He'll find work, too.

I found Laura's efforts to disqualify Jeffrey the upperclass equivalent of a neck tattoo and berating someone's Mom, even though he did deserve some penance.

angieoh! said...

Hmmm I guess I am in the minority on this blog - Laura's clothes, although very wearable, did not bring ONE NEW THING to fashion week. In fact, most of her designs had a lot of recycled elements from her challenges. The contest is to the the HOT NEW DESIGNER not to make nice clothes. Jeffrey had the most consistency in show - there was a flow from piece to piece and he created a line that was innovated, well made and doesn't look like you could buy it at Target - that is the point.

My biggest peeve at Laura "I never wanted Jeffrey eliminated from the show" whatever. Ugh, rude.

tcd said...

I thought all the models were dogs, with the exception of Nazri who always looks gorgeous and especially gorgeous in Uli's dress. Was the runway floor greased or something b/c all the models look like they were about to have a spill.
Did Jeffrey invent the new three-legged pant or something? What was innovative about his designs?

tcd said...

angieoh, What Target do you shop at that you can find beautifully detailed clothing like Laura's and Uli's?

clairedm said...

I feel the need to become part of this conversation just to defend Jeffrey- he was my favorite through out the whole competition. Laura's collection was boring, Michael's was hoochy, Uli's was pretty common. Something I like about Project Runway is that the winner is the best fashion designer, basically the most talented artist, not the person who makes the most wearable clothes.

J2 said...

Jeffrey should have been disqualified for going over budget. He was over budget by $227 plus whatever $ amount was on the missing invoice, (for the pleated shorts). How hard could it have been for the producers to track down the vendor and get a receipt? He cheated. That sucks.

kjbe said...

I gotta say, Laura, where does get off saying she didn't question Jeffery's integrety?

While watching the last runway sequence, it was a tie between Jeffery and Uli. I liked Uli's "non-print" pieces, but in the end had to give the nod to Jeffery because he pushed the envelope a little further...

Joan said...

I don't understand how Jeffrey could've won. The extent of my non-understanding led to this.

Ann, it's all your fault -- I never even heard of Project Runway before you started doing recaps. (Note that I give you credit right up front!)

Ron said...

I thought Jeffrey's collection was fine in the finale. It's main attribute being that it didn't look like most of the crap he had done previously. He should have been kicked off the show on the some of the challenge outfits he did. I pegged him as the winner as the person I hate the most usually will these things and I hated him.

Examples include Boston Rob and Mike Boogie.