October 19, 2006


I'm doing a photo session right now. Just trying to look like a normal blogger... Oh, let's just YouTube the experience:

The photographer is Bob Rashid.

UPDATE: Bob says he enjoyed this photo shoot, compared to other photo shoots, presumably. I'm sitting here now, kind of worrying about my car. I had a flat tire this morning, and I called my roadside service people who sent a guy out to change the tire, but it turned out he could just pump it up. I'm supposed to get it over to a repair place soon, but I had to run back over to the office to do the photo session. I'm hoping the tire isn't deflating too quickly. Anyway, I'm glad Bob had fun doing the photos, because I felt a little bad that my car repair incident was insufficiently fun for the car repair guy. I was all, "Sorry to be such a boring, routine call. You probably prefer more exciting problems. I mean, not where anyone gets hurt or anything, but not just a boring flat tire." He said he enjoyed rollovers, especially with large trucks, like a semi... not with anyone hurt or anything. I can't remember if I wished him luck, but I think I said something like "Well, I hope it's not me." I'm not that into irony.

ADDED: "Internets."


JohnF said...

You wonder on your video if it was Bush who said "internets." He did. Maybe others did too. But you can see the Bush thing here:


Townleybomb said...

You're right-- that IS what the modern world is like!

Also, I had no idea that 'internets' is from something that Bush said. Not that that really makes any difference. Which again is what the modern world is like!

Ann Althouse said...

John: Thanks for the URL, which is a tad long. I did an update with a clickable link. Bush saying "internets" never stops being funny, does it?

Simon said...
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Simon said...

Another nail in the coffin of the idea that Althouse is "just jealous" of the looks of the breast blogging brigade, as Ann Bartow put it.

tiggeril said...

Your voice sounds a lot different on the video than it does on the podcasts. Weird.

Simon Kenton said...

"...I felt a little bad that my car repair incident was insufficiently fun for the car repair guy."

We were way the hell out in the western Colorado desert coming back with some elk in coolers when the hiss and slushy feel to the steering meant 'flat.' I got out to change it and found the lug-nut key had been kept by the Discount Tire guys at the last rotation. No cell service. Along came a game warden to check us, and radioed for the closest tire fixer, 50 miles away.

We hunkered down in the desert and started to shoot at insolent white rocks 250 - 350 yards away with our elk rifles. Offered a chance to the game warden, but he had promises to keep. We got back to accelerating erosion, powdering rocks. An hour or so later, the tire guy showed up, took a look, and said, "You know, I've always wondered about a 7mm-08. Seems a little light for elk, but they say it's a really accurate cartridge."

So we gave him some ear protection and the 7-08 and he busted white rocks way up on a distant hill developed on the Mancos shale. Ours had been insolent, his were shy. Then we had a few pointless shooting contests to see who could successfully startle stolid white rocks using a 9mm pistol at 150 yards. Finally, regretfully, he said he'd better git that tire fixed, and did. Thought he'd stick with the .300 magnum, but his girlfriend, she might like the 7-08.

Might not work as fun for the car-fix guy in an academic neighborhood, but it was sufficiently fun for the desert sub-species tire guy. Us too.

Ann Althouse said...

The podcasts gives you the chance to hear what I sound like in the intimate home environment. Here, you get a dose of my official "work" voice.

Troy said...
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Anthony said...

Bush started the "Internets" thing?

I'd been seeing people type that for a while but I never knew who started it.

Aha, so Gore invented the Internet, but Bush multiplied it.

Troy said...


He's technically correct. There is Internet 2 after all.


And Internet3


I'm sure that's what he was talking about. Sure.

Townleybomb said...

Simon-- pretty much the exact same thing happened when my friend and I caught a flat last year. Of course, this was in downtown Camden, NJ, so the neighbors were a little pissed. Not quite surprised, but pissed nonetheless.

Especially the lady who owned all those lawn ornaments.

pbubuis: the sound the tire made after we went over the nail.

ronin1516 said...

Anne - why is a pro-photographer doing a photo shoot? Do you have a new book coming out soon? or will we see you in a major magazine?

JohnF said...


Sorry for the long URL. I know I've offered similar ones before, too. How do people post links with clickable words?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

chuck b. said...

You look pretty for the pictures.

I had a flat recently...my first since high schoool. And it was parked in a street cleaning zone. I missed the $40 ticket by an hour. $80 tow, $300 new tires, sigh.

They put the lug nuts on so tight you need a pneumatic device to remove them now. Sheesh.

paul a'barge said...

Film the shoes! Film the shoes!

George said...

This here Vanity Fair photo shoot got me to thinking. Here is our "hostess" being photographed for the magazine's "Hot Bloggers of 2007" cover, and the four of us who write all these talkback comments still aren't seeing a dime out of this operation.

Since we got laid off from The Onion, us four have been spending 12 hours a day in a windowless room in a warehouse in front of screens pretending to be about 376 other people.

We appreciate all the fresh vegetables and other foodstuffs you've been supplying us with (and we especially thank you for those beers last Friday), but speaking on behalf of your other three "employees," we would like to start seeing some financial compensation out of this.

We're not asking to be on the cover of Vanity Fair or anything fancy like that, just some cash, every Friday. And we would also like you to bring back that TV set so we could watch some baseball, if that's still going on. And if you don't mind we would appreciate having back our wristwatches and getting some calendars, too, please.

And, also, please, Ms. Professor, no more posts about Bill Clinton or T-shirts because we had to pull all-nighters writing all those 8,000 crazymad talkback comments.

Moxie said...

I love that Bob Rashid went to Kazakhstan. So topical, given the November release of Borat the movie!

And paul a'barge is still around and commenting? He used to harrass people like me years and years ago.

Gardening Tips said...

- Sorry for the long URL. I know I've offered similar ones before, too. How do people post links with clickable words? -

Umm... like copy this: <a href="http://www.website.com">Your
Link Text</a>
and post it with your specific URL and text for the link.

Link goes inside "here" - Text goes inside >here<

Hope that helps ya!

Sorry Ann. Don't mean to hihack your post :)

Dale B said...

The plural, internets, is a proper use of the word internet in the correct context although it is seldom used anymore. The president did not use it correctly in the clip johnf pointed to.

If you'll excuse a geek moment, in the general sense, internet means interconnected network. This means that several independent and sometimes incompatible networks are connected together using a common protocol that may or many not be the protocols used inside of the various networks.

One protocol developed to enable this interconnection is the one based on TCP/IP. This is the one we all know and love today that is called The Internet. Others are possible. If you are talking about all the various protocols it is proper to refer to them as the internets.

Yeah, I know, I should crawl back into my cave.

jinnmabe said...

I'm not sure of the protocol here, but would you find it offensive if someone said, "you look cute in that video"?

Simon said...

I think at least three people have already said so today, without reprisal. Cute understates the matter, of course - so you may face reprisal for that, but not for the sentiment. ;)

I've never quite understood the PC idea that to acknowledge a person's God-given attractiveness is somehow to denigrate their God-given intelligence and/or their erudition and views.

jinnmabe said...

I meant, is the word "cute" offensive? Most people I know appreciate an acknowledgement that they are attractive, but some people don't like the word "cute".

Anyway, your pulchritude is voluminous. That is all.

Ricardo said...

You might want to throw a can of Pennzoil's "Fix-A-Flat" (inflator and sealer) in your car. Maybe this was the "higher power" giving you a first warning. Wouldn't want you to be stuck out on the open road.

displaced ched head said...

Pretentious thy name is Althouse.
Aside from Glenn Greenwald is any blogger more in love with themselves then Ann?

Ron said...

Ann! Excellent skin! Good moisturising routine, no doubt!

Maxine Weiss said...

Yes, that Ann and her face creams.


Peace, Maxine

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Ann Althouse said...

I just can't bring myself to delete that spam.

Christy said...

A few years ago I bought all my relatives small compressors for tire inflation that work off the car battery. The kind of gift one hopes they never use, but which, if they do, are very grateful to have. Highly recommended and and only slightly larger than a lunch box.

bill said...

No comment on whether Bush used it correctly, but "internets" can be correct. Depends on usage.

If using "Internet" with a capital "I," this refers to the "worldwide collection of networks and gateways that use the TCP/IP suite of protocols to communicate with one another." The Internet has multiple nodes, but should usually be referred to as "Internet," singular.

As mentioned, there is "Internet2." So if referring to both it could be plausible to say "Internets."

The proper use of "internet," small "i," should be to describe "a set of computer networks that may be dissimilar and are joined together by means of gateways that handle data transfer and conversion of messages from the sending networks' protocols to those of the receiving network."

For this usage, plural "internets" would not be uncommon.

definitions taken from the Microsoft Computer Dictionary, Fifth Edition

mikeyes said...

Wow!, you need to do more video. You come acrossd much better on video than in your stills for some reason. Maybe it is the injection of personality and the smile.

chuck b. said...

Okay, get this: I just typed "centering photos in blogger" in Google to find out how to, well, center my photos on Blogger and this Althouse post is the fourth search result! Does the machine know I read you? I don't think it can...I delete cookies and stuff all the time...

And there's nothing in your post about centering photos. Just "photos" and "blogger".

It's like you really are taking over the Internets.

chuck b. said...

Okay, and you're first for "moving my right margin in Blogger" (but second for "moving my left margin in Blogger").

(It used to be that you could get actual Blogger help very easily by looking for it on Google, but this isn't working anymore.)

Ann Althouse said...

Chuck: I can see in my Site Meter records what searches bring people here, and I'm often a little embarrassed to come up so high, often first, on searches that are not looking for a blogger's commentary.