October 1, 2006

A mural in Ashland.

Here are some shots from a mural painted on the brick side wall of a movie theater in Ashland, Wisconsin, on the shore of Lake Superior. The veterans depicted by the artists Kelly Meredith and Sue Martinsen were all local residents.

Veterans mural

Veterans mural

I liked the way the mural looked reflected in the windows of the library across the street.

Veterans mural


charlotte said...

That last one is a reflection of service and sacrifice in our society that too many people don't see. You have a great eye, Ann!

Internet Ronin said...

Beautiful mural, touching story, and outstanding reflection. I second Catherine's comment, "a great eye."

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Ghosts in broad daylight.

chuck b. said...

That's really nice to see. I love mural art. We have a lot of murals in my neighborhood, but something like this would never fly. Militarism! Hegemony! Fascism! Instead, we have the hegemony of the Multicultural Zone. If there are any people in the mural, they have to be from a range of ethnicities and ages, and at least one of them has to be in a wheelchair to represent the disabled. It's probably defined by statute.

Anonymous said...

like catherine said, the reflection effect is great. like one of those bad-metaphor-horror-movies where the forgotten soldiers get fed up with being ignored all day @ the public library and crawl out of their dusty books.

oops. thinking that sounded familiar, i just googled "zombie soldiers" and got the "zombies for kerry" movie.

DRJ said...

Excellent story, bless them all, and even better pictures.

Ricardo said...

Great pictures! Your road trips (whether near or far) are some of the best features on your blog, Ann. Although now, your getting upset over CaPiTaLiZaTiOnS has to be on that list, too. :)

Mickey said...


I was wondering about yesterday`s "superior" post.

Joe said...

The library is a great shot.

red clay said...

the picture in the window is really something.

David said...




Thanks Ann. Between your photos and the comments, it made my entire day!

Anonymous said...

I'ts hard to paint interesting things big. So, bravo on two counts. Three, if you count the photography.

Stach61 said...

The reflections in the windows were just fantastic.. as Ruth said before "ghosts in broad daylight" Too bad there is not more murals and rememberences such as these than the misbegotten 9-11 arizona memorial!
I'm sure your a wonderful teacher and lawyer but as someone said before you have a great "eye"
and without any fauxtoshopping too LOL
It went straight to my screensaver file rotation thanks much!!