October 13, 2006

Lawprof "blog juice."

Apparently,"juice" is now measured. Paul Caron assembles ranking of lawprof juiciness. Please note that I'm very juicy!

My Blog Juice


David said...

Ann 'The JUICE' Althouse!

Has a nice ring to it!

Goesh said...

- what with exposed feet and tight German rear ends, I can see why you get such a high rating and not a breast to be seen!

BJK said...

Does this mean that you're now going to start selling T-shirts with "Juicy" written on them?

(Oh, the potential for irony.)

Ron said...

Althouse -- sometimes fresh squeezed, sometimes concentrate!

Mortimer Brezny said...

Where are the exposed tight German rear ends?

Paul Zrimsek said...

Cedarford was right: Everything's controlled by the Juice!

BrianOfAtlanta said...

mortimer brenzy asked:
Where are the exposed tight German rear ends?

Look 3 posts down from this one at:

Ooh. It's a little early for this.

Please don't be shocked too much!

Anonymous said...

"Juice" is one of thsoe expressions like "trolling" that I understand differently than many others.

"Juice" is an expression referring to electricity. It had no component meaning referring to liquids at all, when referring to power as an abstraction.

Things get referred to so many times that people start only referring to referrals of referrals. Hence you get sportscasters talking about athletes needing to get "untracked." I actually see it spelled out that way now fairly often.

They mean "on track," as in "back on track," but have no idea of what it's referring to rairoads and that "untracked" is the opposite of what they mean.

I'm often out of step on these things, ain't I?

In any case, Althouse has the juice. 220, 221; whatever it takes.