October 19, 2006

Just contemplating the day.

I'm amazed to finally have a morning where I'm not weighed down thinking about the obligations of the day. Classes for me this semester are crowded into the first three days of the week, now passed. Yesterday was also a writing deadline -- met. And last week's four-day end-of-the-week block of time was consumed with travel. So today feels great.

I have exactly two things scheduled:

1. A professional photograph in my office in the afternoon. (Yes, that's not hard, but I have to preserve my mind and body for the miniature ordeal.)

2. A new BloggingHeads episode. This is my fourth one, with a fourth new split-screen partner. We're recording at 8 o'clock at night. Lord knows what I look like by then and what shreds of intelligence I'll have left.

Hand-sewn, polka-dotted dog


Simon said...

Well, since you've looked fine -- in both the strict and the slang senses -- in all previous vlog and blogging heads appearences, that really shouldn't be a particlar worry. :)

Maybe you should do blogging heads with Jessica Valenti some time. ;)

Ann Althouse said...

Simon: I've passed on an opportunity to do something like that. Maybe if I had a book to sell... like David Corn, I'd do Bloggingheads, the extreme sports version. And maybe if it wouldn't have be be arguing about breasts, which just seems so awful.

Ann Althouse said...

I don't know why I wrote "be" twice. Any theories? Dr. Freud?

Double Ditch said...

not going to see Fineman speak?
tut tut