October 28, 2006

"In one semifamous cleanliness lapse in the 1992 presidential campaign..."

"Bill Clinton, who had just shaken dozens of hands at a tavern in Boston, was handed a pie but no fork on his way to the car. The ravenous Mr. Clinton promptly devoured it using his unwashed hand. He eventually became a serious user of hand wipes and lotions at the urging of his doctor, an aide said."

Mmm... pie!

That's from an article in today's NYT about how all the politicians use Purell. I checked to see if Barack Obama was mentioned. Answer: yes:
“Good stuff, keeps you from getting colds,” Mr. Bush raved about hand sanitizer to Senator Barack Obama, Democrat of Illinois, at a White House encounter early last year.

Mr. Obama, who recounts the episode in his new book, says that after rubbing a blob of it on his own hands, the president offered him some, which he accepted (“not wanting to appear unhygienic.”)

Mr. Obama has since started carrying Purell in his traveling bag, a spokesman said.

Why did I check? Because it was quite recently that the NYT published a review of Obama's book that I thought wafted the suggestion that Bush was a racist for using Purell after shaking Obama's hand.

Anyway, as long as I've mentioned pie... I thought this was cool.


David said...

Clinton eats pie without washing his hands and Monica didn't wash her blue dress!

Purell and spray lysol are unbeatable combinations in preventing the spread of germs.

Certainly better than the more effective latex gloves, although I miss the sound of the latex "snap".

Pi in the sky!

Maxine Weiss said...

We've already discussed this:

The more you wash your hands, obsessively, the less immunity you have against the really bad germs once you do come in contact with 'em.

Still, I wouldn't want to shake Clinton's hand knowing what we do about him.

Peace, Maxine

Dave said...

Pixilated pi is interesting.

AST said...

What I noticed was that the first 8 or 9 paragraphs made it sound like using Purell was a Republcan thing and insulting to voters. Bill Richardson calls it that, an insult.

They can't do a simple report like this without making it look like a partisan shot. I thought that I was being oversensitive and reread it, but it's still there.

It's an interesting subject for a story. Why make it sound partisan?

Eli Blake said...

One reason I follow politics is because it is important, as opposed to the general cream puffiness that pervades most of society. In other words, politicians are more interesting to me than celebrities.

So what are we doing with politics? We are talking about pie eating and hand sanitizer, as a tabloid might about celebrities.

Come on, if I meet a politician I want to know what (s)he thinks about the Iraq, the budget deficit, global warming, abortion... you know all those big encompassing things. How (s)he eats pies or washes hands is UNIMPORTANT.

Also, the subject of this post does bring up an interesting scenario. Someday will some really dirty politician get a bunch of campaign workers to vote early, then intentially catch the flu and go around before election day in areas where the other party is strong and shake as many hads as they can?

I know this sounds paranoid, but other than the vector it is what Baghwan Sree Rajnish tried to do when he tried to give a whole town water borne illness on election day (though he forgot that most people drink bottled water or other things entirely like pop, milk or juice anymore.)

Eli Blake said...

whoops. "Intentionally." I should hit 'preview' more often.

ShadowFox said...

don't you think that there is a difference between shaking hands with hundreds, or even just dozens, of supporters and shaking hands with one senator? You give Shrub too much credit.