October 14, 2006


The "Masters of American Comics" exhibition is in NY now (split into two shows, in two museums). Michael Kimmelman reviews it:
[T]he show shouldn’t be missed. It spotlights artists like Chris Ware and Gary Panter, amazing state-of-the-art talents and endearing in the tradition of all those shy, gifted kids who drew endlessly in their rooms when other kids wouldn’t play with them, dreaming about someday telling the world, “I told you so."
It was at the Milwaukee Art Museum (in one piece) last spring. Here's my old post about it.


George said...

I was so hoping you'd post on this review...

Buried deep in it is a most revealing passage...

"The Jewish Museum cut out some of [r. crumb's] racier works that had been in the exhibition in Los Angeles, lest they offend delicate visitors. Never mind the offense their exclusion does to the public's intelligence and the show's integrity."

Translation: "O, ye sons of Abraham, just because it's your museum and you've had a thing going for 5767 or so years means nothing. My desire to see a Sewer Snoid calabash Flaky Foont tops your tired ethics."

What chutzpah! It's like condemning a Vatican museum for not displaying the dung Madonna painting.

Robert R. said...

I think the question arises, if you don't like some of the work, why schedule the exhibit in the first place? Robert Crumb certainly isn't an unknown. If you're not going to show a significant and influential portion of his work, why schedule the exhibit in the first place?

Art Spiegelman sounds really unhappy about the New York exhibit. Space constraints and the fact that the Jewish museum perhaps colors the experience to looking at the exhibit from a perspective other than pure art.

Robert R. said...

FWIW, here's a link to Art Spiegelman's letter re: withdrawing from the show.