October 9, 2006

Color: Fall.

Place: The University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Tree with a stone bench



John Howard said...

Very pretty. Looks like a good place to sit and think about the rational basis for banning same-sex marriage that I posted a couple days ago. Strangely, suddenly no one is interested in that topic anymore. Does it just not make sense to you?

George said...

May I be the first to welcome the Prime Minister of Australia, the Honorable John Howard, to this tiny American outpost in cyberspace.

quietnorth said...

Thanks, Ann;

I was just remarking to my folks that the colors in Madison seemed more muted this year, not so many auburns or reds, but leave it to you to find them! (pun noticed after writing the last sentence)

Ruth Anne Adams said...

I want to go back to school.

Donald Douglas said...

That's so beautiful! Just imagine, to engage the great minds amid the autumn splendor! What a fabulous place to think!

Burkean Reflections

Maxine Weiss said...

Soooo not Vermont !

Not even close.

Peace, Maxine