October 15, 2006

Audible Althouse #69.

Audible Althouse... this time, it's personal.

Stream it right through your computer here. But all my close personal friends subscribe on iTunes:
Ann Althouse - Audible Althouse


HaloJonesFan said...

#69 is personal?

Hooo BABY!

reader_iam said...
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reader_iam said...

You're probably right about that first "Alice" quote being a hostile choice. I'll keep that in mind.

As you note, though, I did say that my personal preference was "c," which [and henceforth it is I who am noting], while, off the wall, and lending itself to a number of interpretations, on its own face and with regard to the person who would respond in such a left-field way, isn't so overtly hostile.


(Reposted this to make the distinction noted within the [] brackets.)

and: ; )

reader_iam said...

And, Ann:

Boy, did your "science" musings resonate.

Ricardo said...

Congratulations Ann! You should grow up to be a scientist! Your theories are great!

There, does that make up for all those silly teachers who didn't recognize your true genius? And anyway, you ARE a scientist. You're our resident cultural, social, legal, political scientist!

stephenb said...

Thanks for another great podcast. From one of your pod-people down here in Tennessee.

Johnny Nucleo said...

I wanted to be a scientist too, but I wanted to be a mad scientist. When I tried to enroll in mad scientist school they said my hair wasn't crazy enough.

Your story about the kindergarten teacher abruptly dragging your nap rug back to its place and not appreciating your ingenuity reminds me of my own experience. Though I don't remember a particular incident, I do remember that my teachers used to get pissed off at my hijinks and I would be genuinely surprised. I actually thought they would be impressed. From kindergarten to second grade, all my teachers were angelic hot-chicks - like Miss Canfield from "Leave It To Beaver" - and the hijinks were attempts to woo them. Later, when my teachers were fat bitches and mean dudes, and sometimes sexy bitches - like Fiona Volpe from "Thunderball" - I was just trying to piss them off. With the Fiona Volpe teachers I was hoping they would punish me because I had been a bad boy.