October 1, 2006

Audible Althouse #67.

Hey, it's a new podcast! It's about: Political blogging, law blogging, and blogging as an art project. Artwork that's either an idea, a mass of decaying flesh, or a good fact pattern for a Civil Procedure exam. Rebel artists and how I squandered my undergraduate education.

Stream it right through your computer here. But all the transgressive rebel artists are subscribing on iTunes:
Ann Althouse - Audible Althouse


Palladian said...

Oh no, not another Althouse takedown of art school! I haven't listened yet, but when I do I will do so with trepidation! If it's bad, you might find a squirrel floating in a tank of formalin in your office! Be warned!

Ruth Anne Adams said...

"out of the hippie frying pan and into the hippie fire"

It was worth the whole podcast to hear that discussion.

Johnny Nucleo said...

I really enjoyed this podcast. I did not go to art school, but I think I know what you mean. My undergraduate education was kind of a joke.

I did learn something, but I am not quite sure what.