September 28, 2006

Walking home...

I talk on the phone the whole way and the walk goes quickly. In what seems like just a few minutes, I find myself at the entry to the Heights.

Church silhouette


Revenant said...

Very nice. :)

What are the Heights, by the way? The closest I've been to Wisconsin is the cheese isle at the grocery store.

Ann Althouse said...

This is a neighborhood called University Heights. Here are my photos that show the place, which has some great architecture.

Gerry said...


Sort of good news.

Mozilla has patched two different bugs which are causing the caching issue. Bug 323708 and bug 352848. I am psyched about the second, because they accepted my proposed patch as-is, which means that for the first time I will have code in Firefox.

The reason this is only sort-of-good news is that it will not be fixed immediately. The next time there is a maintenance release, it will be in there. So it will be a bit of a while, but then the problem will go away.

Ann Althouse said...

Gerry, that's great. Congratulations.

Richard Dolan said...

Nice pics. I live in the Heights, but it happens to be the one in Brooklyn. Not at all a green, leafy idyll like the Wisconsin version, but beautiful in a different way. It's on a bluff facing the East River, hence the name, but you know that already.

What a great country we live in.

Ann Althouse said...

Richard: I lived in Brooklyn for my last 3 years of living in NYC and was always jealous of the folks who got to live in Brooklyn Heights. The NY neighborhood jealous is horrible! I bring some of that to Madison, but it's just not that bad. In NYC, I most enjoyed living in Greenwich Village, which I did for 4 years.

Anonymous said...

Gerry- I use Firefox now, so for the time being, you're my hero.

Anyone who wishes to unseat gerry as my hero can send me $3. That ought to cover it.

vbspurs said...

Haunting photo.

And hey, you've inspired a blogpost about when Reims Cathedral and I came face-to-face, when I was 11.