September 30, 2006




Ruth Anne Adams said...
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Anonymous said...

The source show, Yo Soy Betty, La Fea predates even the book, let alone the recent film, Ruth Anne mentions.

However, for the English language version there may have been an influence, as there does seem to be similarities.

(or maybe Lauren Weisberger is a fan of Colombian telenovelas)

The Mexican version (Mexican version? well, we've made plenty of American versions of British shows, so why not Mexican versions of Colombian shows?) currently airs in Los Angeles, and is a huge ratings hit, often pulling in close to 2 million viewers in this market alone and is consistently five of the top ten watched shows each week (it airs five nights a week).

(don't let Pat Buchanan or John Rocker read that sentence)

Doug said...

I had heard of the Colombian verson from a woman I know who was born in Colombia and is getting her masters in Journalism and Communications. One of her projects was on Colombian telenovellas and she gave me some information on the Ugly Betty Colombian version.

The Betty character in the Colombian version is more like how Americans tend to portray ugly chicks in those teen, makeover movies like She's All That, where the ugly girl is actually very hot, just extremely dressed down. In the ABC version, America (don't remember her last name) is not ugly in real life, but she is not the knock out that the Colombian girl is.

Hollywood usually goes for the glamour chicks, so I think it is great that they didn't pull the usually trick of having the role of the ugly broad be a model with bad glasses, baggy clothes and uncombed hair.