September 8, 2006

Two Madison vignettes.

Walking home from work today, I took the lake path. Someone had dragged the yellow, orange, and green tables and chairs from the terrace out the end of the pier, and college girls were out there basking in the sun:

Lake Mendota

Getting much closer to where I live, I saw two little girls making their way home. They are, doubtlessly, in the elementary school's strings program:

Young musicians

I love that tiny cello on wheels!

Yes, tell me it will be cold here in the winter. I can see the leaves already turning on that tree.


AllenS said...

"I can see the leaves already turning on that tree." I'm 200 miles north of you, and the past 2 days, I've noticed geese gathering and flying at a higher altitude lately. While they are not moving in a direct southerly direction, it seems to me that this is happening earlier than most years. Do they know something that we don't? Is it going to be a colder than normal winter? Oh, no! What if global warming isn't true.

Word verification: swzuwzau

Meaning: Oh, no! Swahili for cold winter.

chuck b. said...

It's going to be cold there in the winter!

David said...

Norman Rockwell eat your heart out!

Ruth Anne Adams said...
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boston70 said...

You really love Madison don't you?
Like I have mentioned in my posts before I am from there. Originally from the Westside by Edgewood.
I do come home often. The pictures you present are incredibly attractive. Obviously, that is because the pictures are around State Street and the campus.
What I feel though, is once you leave the immediate downtown area the city isn't as attractive or interesting.
It is a very condensed area in Madison that is appealing. Once you leave the parimeters of the city you end up on the Beltline or the East Side or the North Side or the South Side. These areas are pretty bland to me.
I went to school at the UW and loved it but once my friends and I graduated we all bolted to larger cities (San Fran, Boston, NYC, Seattle). Not one of my friends from college stayed in Madison.
I am curious do you think many of the students stay in Madison after they graduate? Is there much opportunity for these students?
I live in Boston and I have met many people (especially from out here) that went to school there.
Just curious...

Ann Althouse said...

Boston: I would actually prefer to live in a bigger place, like Boston. Check out my Boston pictures, all taken on a single day last spring. It's much harder to find things to photograph here. I am rather attached to my job here, and I have considered moving to a more urban place. Maybe I will some day.

A lot of young people do try to stay here. Not everyone though.

By the way, I did live in Boston for a semester back in 1990. I visited at BU. It was great!

JorgXMcKie said...

Ann, I'd read your blog for the pictures alone. Those two little girls remind me so much of my daughter some 25 years ago. All little girls are so alike in a wonderful way, I think. Thanks for re-kindling a memory. I think I'll call her now.

yetanotherjohn said...

I hope it isn't as cold as last year. I had to wear a coat on two seperate days last winter.

Joe said...

Oh my! The first picture - by the water - I remember that place, right behind the campus. And I was only in Madison once, in 1978, I believe, for the AAS convention held there that summer.
What a memory! Thanks, Ann

SuperMom said...

Glorious pictures, and weather. Yes, fall is on its way, as I noted in my blog earlier today as well.

Kev said...

"I love that tiny cello on wheels!"

That brought back memories for me. I played mostly the baritone sax in college--forty pounds in the case. It wasn't too much fun lugging it around campus all the time, so my dad and I made a wheel cart for it. It took a little bit of trial-and-error to get it right; for example, we learned rather quickly that the $2.99 plastic wheels from Montgomery Wards didn't last very long on the pea-gravel sidewalks of campus, and they made a horrendous noise while they were still intact.

People (especially non-music majors) would see me wheeling this big rectangular monstrosity around campus and ask me what was in there. My usual reply was, "It's my mother-in-law. I don't like to show her in public."

And once again, Ann--great pictures!

Ric Martin said...

Madison is such a wonderful town. I love the farmers market that circles the Capitol building, the plethora of used book stores, the wonderful fall colors, and the the great food ( I miss my squeeky cheese!!). I used to go to the world dairy conference there every year. I miss it!!