September 7, 2006

"Those moody French [models] just don't know how to work it."

Jeffrey owes his victory to the exuberant Marilinda, Project Rungay contends. Yeah, look at the picture of the French model in the same dress (with "too much tootie"). The American model made us understand the crazy dress.

Are you sad that Vincent left? His limited vocabulary was getting scarily conspicuous. Every damned dress he makes "turns me on" and "gets me off." Fortunately, when eggs got thrown in Paris, the eggy goo got on Michael's dress, not Vincent's, or the graphic depiction of Vincent's favorite trope would have freaked us out.

But Michael was the one with the blue dress, so we liked the accidental political allusion.

ADDED: EW interviews Vincent. A choice nugget:
Did you think any of the judges understood you?

I think Nina Garcia and at times Heidi understood a little more where I was going. I think what's his name, Michael Kors, didn't have a clue. He only related to what he liked, and he's a simple, pared-down designer. I don't know Tim Gunn's story. Actually, I do. Tim has been bad-mouthing me ever since the show started because I didn't choose to bow down to Tim. If he gave me great constructive advice, I would thank him, but if he tried other things, I would dismiss him. In a nice way, not a harmful way. He did not like that. So he in turn is digging a nice hole for himself for putting me down all the time. He's supposed to be dean of a design school. You don't speak about people that way.

Other things you don't do: You don't put down the guy that everyone who loves the show loves.


markrose said...

Jeffrey gets to have his creation showcased in the window Macy's, "the biggest store in the world," on 34th street in Manhattan but they spelled his name wrong! See: Trying to get through to Macy's but they don't answer email and their phone recording is abominable. Meanwhile, preparations have been intense here in NY for Fashion Week, when four of the final contestants will show their stuff but only three will make it to the show (another PR - project runway - dramatic twist).

angieoh! said...

Ann, I totally agree. Vincent just seemed icky. Now, I know that this is not a highly technical term for fashion but his "it gets me off" had to be auf'd.

Additionally, I think Laura (redheaded preggers lady) does not seem to have a fresh style...all her clothes look the same. blech, like something my mother would think was cool.

Bad Penny said...

I thought it was bizarre that he put a fleurcheon (sp?) on the back of his dress. Did he subconsciously want to be auf'd like Angela?

And that dress was just hideous. Like something on the clearance rack at Ross.

The thing I like best about reality shows is seeing people's delusions about themselves slowly revealed. I wonder what crazy delusions I have; I'd like to film myself for a year and then have it edited down for me by a psychiatrist.

Joan said...

That EW interview is well worth the click-over. Vincent's "legend in his own mind" mentality comes through crystal clear -- that wasn't just the PR editors making him seem that way.

I'm glad he's gone.

I still don't understand the business with Jeffrey. Of course he picked the most hideous fabric and color available, because he had immunity! He could be "daring" because it didn't matter. I thought it was hideous, it looked like she was wrapped in sheets and tied up with ribbon. The fit was horrible, and the front open-up-to-there was tacky. And they called Kayne tacky! I loved his dress, but I will concede that maybe it worked better on TV than it did in person.

Conserve_Liberty said...

By acclimation Vincent had to go. Universally we like the show because these people can SEW - they can MAKE something. We're less interested in the typical reality show dynamics and RunGay-ness that seem to have so captivated America.

Viewing family: F age 14; F age 18, girlfriend of; M age 19; F age 51; M age 51

tcd said...

I didn't get why the judges slammed Laura for her "Yves St. Laurent-style" dress and then give Jeffrey a total pass for his equally derivative dress, if not outright copy of an Alexander McQueen or John Gaillano dress. It's like the judges slept thru the last decade of fashion.
Again, Uli was robbed! And Jeffrey remains a total ungracious turd.

knoxgirl said...

Yeah, for me, that's 2 weeks in a row Jeffrey did something totally predictable, yet somehow pulled a win out of it.The judges think he's more creative just because he's copying "edgy" stuff? It's still copying.