September 29, 2006




Troy said...

OK I'll bite. This guy was rooked.

Icepick said...

Sigh. As a chess player, that's all I can say.

Incidentally, the consensus opinion is that Kramnik has indeed been rooked.

tiggeril said...

...Burma Shave?

tiggeril said...

I'm probably ages behind the curve on this, but...

Pat Sajak is a columnist??

Zach said...

Mr. Danailov’s letter concluded that if the match continues, Mr. Topalov “would refrain from shaking hands with Mr. Kramnik before the game..."

No comment.

Chess championships have this behavior in spades. You have the florid emotions of prima donnas, combined with personalities that are trained for highly focused agression. That, plus professional history has a long history of utter corruption, so you can never completely discount the idea that cheating might be going on somehow.

Karpov actually had a professional starer sitting in the front row in his bouts with Kasparov.

Mickey said...

Thats a funny story.

:::whats she doin in the sports section:::

Hard to believe chess is a "sport."

charlotte said...

Pissy... or crappy.

Don't all men think better on the commode?

vbspurs said...


Anyone else can't get into the Restaurant blogpost?

It's 404'ing me.

Quick! I want to post a pic of a cuppa joe too.


Elizabeth said...

Victoria! Oy oy. So nice to see you back. A year without hurricanes so far--that's a good life in Florida, yes?

vbspurs said...

Victoria! Oy oy.

Aussie Aussie Aussie!

So nice to see you back.

Hey wazzup, Elizabeth. I've been commenting on other threads off-and-on, coming back in small doses. :)

A year without hurricanes so far--that's a good life in Florida, yes?

Yeah, although that Gordon did frighten us momentarily. Or was it John? Eh, I forget now. Anyway, my old tuna fish tins went to feed my dog.

How are you holding up in NOLA? Everything tickety-boo where you are?