September 3, 2006

On Madison's east side.


Info Shop

Art gallery

Theater in the alley


Uncle Jimbo said...

I knew I was pulling an Althouse taking pics of everything on my walk home from the Capitol to near Olbrich, but I took the same Broom St. Pic yesterday.

We started at the Party in the Park, migrated to the Taste of Madison, and then me and the dog walked home down Willy and Atwood.

I will post the pics from the walk tomorrow. it was just strange seeing a nearly identical picture up. What a nice couple of days to live here eh?


Uncle J

Truly said...

In the last photo, what does the sign on that building say? I can't tell.

john(lesser) said...

Click on the picture, it will redirect you to flickr. Resize the pic, and I believe it says Broom St. Theatre

Ann Althouse said...

It says Broom St. Theater.

Jonathan said...

The Info Shop looks like a GREAT place to get accurate information. You know it's true. Just feel the sincere vibe radiating from that sign.

Pat Patterson said...

The Info Shop looks awfully similar to the head shop where I would pickup copies of the LA Free Press to sell on my college campus. I even had beads.

-Deb- said...

I recently relocated (from Northern Va.) to the east side of Madison... it is such a wonderful area, and you have beautifully captured many of my own favorite sights!

Jimmy Keech said...

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