September 30, 2006




Ruth Anne Adams said...
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AJ Lynch said...

Have you contracted some rare form of Tourette's where you now blog in one-word bursts but don't resort to curse words?

Doyle said...

Mickey Kaus is truly fascinating. I accuse Ann of refusing to own up to her right wing sympathies, but Kaus is in a class by himself. While claiming to be a Democrat, Mickey does nothing but attack Democrats and their "special interests" like teachers, unions, and immigrants.

He also used to be a more or less full-time apologist for the Iraq War. Now, while insisting the jury is still out on Iraq, he's shifted his focus to immigration, where he basically advocates Buchanan's policies without the racist rhetoric.

His primary reason for being so rabidly hard line on immigration isn't even a slam dunk. Namely: its effect on wages. There is evidence to suggest that, basically due to the corresponding shift in the aggregate demand curve, immigration does not depress and may boost wages.

AJ Lynch said...

Doyle said:

blah blah blah blah times 100.

Didn't he realize the house rule today is keep it short!?

Doyle said...

I'm sorry, did I test your attention span?

Or are you just such a follower by nature that you hate to see someone not "Do the Althouse (h/t Reynolds)"?

Or do you have substantive objections to what I wrote about Kaus?

Why can't you open up, AJ? Let me in!

Revenant said...
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PatCA said...


(Sadly) inane.

AJ Lynch said...

Doyle, I rarely read your talking points unless I want a laugh. But since you asked nicely, here is what I think of Kaus' theory.

I believe a lot of immigration is good for the economy. More people means more buyers, renters, more accidents so more work for insurance adjusters, etc, greater demand for almost every type of service and commodity. And the increased demand leads to higher prices and wages so Kaus is correct but perhaps not for the reason he stated. It's pretty simple really and has been true for ages...when the explorer/ immigrant/ lost travelers arrive somewhere, they need food, clothes, haircuts, etc. And that creates jobs and economic activity.

Lastly, I do generally admire Kaus cause he tends to think outside of the box. You should try it.

Doyle said...

So Kaus is correct despite the central premise of his support for fencebuilding/opposition to "amnesty" being faulty?

What a happy accident!

I'm glad Mickey's found his audience, anyway.

AJ Lynch said...

I said Kaus is correct tho for the wrong reason. I too believe wages go up due to immigration (per my earlier post). Kaus got the right answer but he got it by accident as it is simply a supply and demand equation.

And you are incorrect to say I agree with Kaus re the fence cause I don't even know what he thinks of it. I favor it.

Johnny Nucleo said...

This is my favorite one. I have to be honest, I did not know what "chicane" meant, but it was a word I had heard before and always thought was cool.

Chicane means two things: deception, and a barrier in racing intended to slow down the cars.

Revenant said...

I too believe wages go up due to immigration (per my earlier post). Kaus got the right answer but he got it by accident as it is simply a supply and demand equation.

How's it a supply and demand equation? From a strictly supply and demand perspective, increasing the supply of labor should decrease the price of labor, not increase it. That's why unions try to force businesses to agree to union-only workforces -- it keeps the labor pool available to the business restricted, forcing wages higher.