September 5, 2006

"Flee sexual immorality!"

There were no political demonstrations that I could see as I walked through Library Mall here on the University of Wisconsin campus at noon today, the first day of fall classes. But there were some religionists trying to get the students' attention:

A religious vigil

Something about leaning on an "America a Nation of Sexual Perverts" sign makes people want to cut a wide swath around you:

A religious vigil

Oh, the snubbing! Does it hurt? Do you feel righteous? Sad? Angry? Resigned?

A religious vigil

I passed by quickly, on my way to pick up an extra-large cappucino to-go to make do for lunch before my Religion & the Constitution class. On my way back, I saw one of the sign-holder guys had turned to street preaching. From a distance, I could hear him exclaiming about "the fires of Hell." Then:
A friend of mine told me this town is the Capital of Lesbianism. The Capital of Lesbianism! What a shame!
I burst out laughing, as did pretty much everyone in the general vicinity.


hdhouse said...

I was trying to see the cite on the poster that started "in the beginning god..."

oh please help me.

Jeremy said...

I'm never sure what these folks are trying to accomplish. I suspect that they fancy themselves modern day prophets in the vein of Amos or Jeremiah. But even those men knew that they were given a very specific message to deliver to a very specific group of people. I don't think that this pleases God very much

Jennifer said...

Nobody's fleeing. That's weird.

Doug said...

If these people want to turn others off to sex, they should keep some of those hot women out of the protest area.

Seeing the blond with the big purse and the dark haired woman with the bags is hardly going to get me to flee immoral thoughts.

Ann Althouse said...

Doug: I maybe waited two seconds to get a nice composition and took about five shots in about 30 seconds as I hurried by. So it wasn't as if I waited for beautiful women to appear next to the signs. This is midday in Madison, you know, the Capital of Lesbianism.

Jake said...

If you had not shown their pictures, I would have thought they were Muslims. Those signs fits the Muslim line to a T.

Ann Althouse said...

Fenrisulven said..."LOL. Silly bunch of protestors. But note that Ann escaped with her head still attached"

Me? What makes you think I don't flee sexual immorality and respect my purity?

Meade said...

"Capital of Lesbianism"

It's all those cows. Domesticated cows mount each other when in heat.

No bull.

stephenb said...

hdhouse: It's Mark 10:6-8.

GPE said...




You've got the same mad cow infestation we have here in Denver. I posted about it here last week.

MadisonMan said...

The east side is the Capitol of Lesbianism. They're preaching in the wrong part of town!

MadisonMan said...

And by the way, I have to ask: what are those two guys doing behind that sign decrying masturbation?! I can't see both of their hands!

Doug said...

I haven't been on a college campus in years, I forgot about all the beautiful women.

Capital of Lesbianism and hot women? No wonder Madison gets ranked so highly in Money Magazine every year.

Ruth Anne Adams said...
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Unknown said...

What a bunch of morons. As the junior Senator from Oklahoma, Tom Coburn will tell you, it's OKLAHOMA that's the capital of lesbianism.

hdhouse said...

Frankly I wasn't aware that there was a capital. How interesting. Droll even.

Is this demonstration proof that there may well be too much cheese in Wisconsin?

To tell the truth the photos give me the willies.

"thou shalt not pee in the lake". Hezakiah 5-3 (top of the 9th).

Beth said...

I'm surprised they feel comfortable surrounded by Golden Calves.

somefeller said...

There was a fire-and-brimstone preacher who would come on campus and put on a show when I attended the University of Texas, much to the delight of the assembled crowds. One time, I was walking past him and he screamed at me, "you, you are a filthy little masturbator!"

I was like, how did you know?

Anonymous said...

Yep, sex is death. Here's the proof:

"...To see, to hear,
to touch, to kiss,
to die with thee again
in sweetest sympathy...."

—John Dowland, First Booke of Ayres, 1613

KCFleming said...

The Capital of Lesbianism?
Heckfire, and I've never even got to meet my local state representative.

When's the next Lesbian election?
Who should I vote for?
Or against?

Steven said...

Meh. Lesbians. I don't get their popularity. They're just more competition for those of us seeking bisexual women.

Beth said...

Well, gee, Pogo, when we have the next national lesbian election, I sure hope you'll vote for me!

Revenant said...

Supposing you are allowed to go on campus, would you have the courage to go to Bob Jones University and hold up signs promoting whatever you believe in that they don't? Would you take the time?

If I wanted to convince anyone at Bob Jones University that I was right and they were wrong, going to their campus and holding up an "I'm right and you're wrong" sign would be one of the stupidest ways to do it. So courage doesn't really even enter into it. Before I'd need to worry about whether I'm brave enough to hold up a protest sign in front of a hostile crowd, I'd first have to be dumb enough to think it was a good way to promote my beliefs.

michael farris said...

This reminds me:
As an undergraduate (large southern university with a reputation for decadence) two or three times a year a travelling evangelist and his wife (sometimes with others) would stop by the main plaza/park where they drew enthusiastic crowds of fans, and by 'fans' I mean 'hecklers'.

Their message was a peculiar blend of fire and brimstone and salacious stories masquerading as testimony. The crowd had a great time answering back in kind or repeated certain punch lines together with the preachers. Inevitably at some point different sides of the crowd would trade shouts of "ORAL!" "ANAL!" It was sort of like an evangelical Rocky Horror. In other words no one took it seriously as a religious message and everybody had a great time.

Anyway, whoever wasn't preaching at the moment would mingle with the students in a friendly but disapproving manner. Noticing that one woman was carrying a portable tape recorder one of the plaza regulars kept asking why? why? why? until she lost her temper and said (paraphrasing):
"We have to record it, otherwise good christians in church would never believe how nasty you all are," and then the subject changed.
Then I began _really_ paying attention and noticed that between bits intended to incite the audience into mass gross-out language, the preacher would shift gears and start with the basic born again message.
Meanwhile the frenzied audience kept right on with the obscene commentary.

I assume their business model was visiting conservative churches and playing carefully chosen bits of the tapes (the standard born again message being met with laughter, obscenities and occasional bursts of anger when someone's buttons got pushed) and soliciting donations to continue God's work among the lost college students.

We also had plenty of the earnest but boring kind pictured here but no one paid any attention to them.

michael farris said...

"A friend of mine told me this town is the Capital of Lesbianism. The Capital of Lesbianism! What a shame!"

I thought the Capital of Lesbianism was somewhere in New England, Madison is County Seat of Lesbianism at most.

Anonymous said...

Seven has a point. Calling on people to consider the morality of their sexual behavior has some worth and takes courage. But this sure isn't the way to do it. It's so idiotic that, as Don Imus would say, it makes your hair hurt.

What Seven Machos says bears some thought, however. The question that nags me is, if you are bearing witness, are you obliged to try to make it effective witness? Or is simply going through the motions enough?

St. Francis went on what seemed a suicide mission to try to convert the Sultan. You couldn't imagine a more foolish and seemingly ineffective thing to do. Yet the Sultan received St. Francis politely, listened to his arguments, and, in the end, agreed to disagree. But he recognized St. Francis' holiness, and gave him leave to visit the holy sites in Jerusalem. And Francis' visit ultimately had an effect on attitudes on both sides.

Perhaps it boils down to what Seven said, "Would that I could be as dedicated to anything I want to do. Anything at all." I think St. Francis had a dedication that surpasses ordinary human understanding, and so became the conscience of Christianity.

It looks like these stiffs are just going through the motions without that authentic intensity, that when present can make people saints, and when absent, laughingstocks.

Ben Masel said...

I'm pretty sure the guy somefeller and Michael Farris are referencing is Jed Smock .

Gotta give him some 1st Amendment respect, as when I was touring midwest universities on a "Hemp Tour" in the late '80s, on both occasions when we ran into problems with campus police, the site-specific precedents which got me acquitted were his cases.

Revenant said...

My first instinct is to say that it's silly, too. But it's so little to pile on. These people believe in what they are doing

Eh, don't make me get all Godwinny on you. Lots of bad people believe in what they're doing. Neither courage nor conviction are admirable traits in and of themselves.

Something else to keep in mind is that this people do this because confronting sinners lets them feel morally superior. They're doing it to get a rise out of people, not to bravely confront those with differing opinions. They're *hoping* to get yelled at -- the more abuse they receive, the more superior they feel.

That's important, if only because tolerance dictates that we have to get along with them in society

Tolerance dictates that we have to allow them to exist. It doesn't dictate that I or anyone else has to get along with them. The marketplace of ideas doesn't work if we're forced to act like all ideas have value.

hdhouse said...

awww give Seven Nachos a break...he's just all a twitter with the idea that there is a capital of lesbianism and he can visit it to oogle and google it til his wanton heart explodes.

Unknown said...

Speaking of, whatever happened to Max?

J said...
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J said...

I'll second the Jed Smock fans. He and his team were quite popular at the large southwestern university I attended and always drew a huge crowd. In the long run, maybe he was more effective than you think.

Mock it all you want - I'll bet the "sexual perverts" sign is a chick magnet. Even for lesbians.

No one seems to have observed that in addition to the golden and other multi-hued calves, the site in the photo appears to have some sort of altar as well. What's up with that?

Bob said...

Michael Farris wrote: "As an undergraduate (large southern university with a reputation for decadence) two or three times a year a travelling evangelist and his wife (sometimes with others)" That sounds a lot like the large southern university I attended, in a town that kinda rhymes with "Brainspill." Jed & Cindy...ah yes...

KCFleming said...

Ah, the best of both worlds, speech free enough to permit stuff you hate, and free enough to mock it mercilessly or ignore completely. No violence, no lawsuits, no wringing of hands about church-state or hoostile environments.

When I was in college, I would occasionally stand nearby our preacher-in-the-commons, and shout as loud as he, and gesticulate as wildly, whatever science formula I had just learned, or random song lyrics, or word salad. Quite fun, that.

And Elizabeth, if you run I'll vote for ya, early and often!

KCFleming said...

hostile, mebbe, unless we're talkin' threats from Indiana

MadisonMan said...

Sebastian, I agree about the first picture -- very cgi-like. I'm not sure if that says something about Ann's considerable photo skills or about cgi acuity. The man's blue coat (the man coming down the steps) in particular looks computer generated to me.

It's also a great example of the crispness of Wisconsin light in Autumn.

michael farris said...

Yeah it was Jed and Cindy (I wasn't trying to protect their identity, I just didn't think anyone would recognize them and didn't realize he's still going).

Anyway, a favorite Jed and Cindy moment of mine was when a Sincere Christian girl tried to engage him in front of the crowd, criticising his confrontational style.
She entreated him to preach _love_ not hate, you know, like Jesus did.
He listened for a minute or so then he scrunched up his face and hissed "Harlot!" (or words to that effect)
The crowd, needless to say, loved it.

Trivia: What happened in the fraternity darkroom?

Michael said...

Ah yes, Jed and Cindy. Had them at the U. Of Kansas too. I went out and "preached" during their lunch break once, had a nice little crowd for my message that the great worm of Shar'hboth was going to devour us all. (Undergraduate wit.)

Remember, too, that when two Mormon kids show up on their doorstep, they're not there because Mormon HQ expects them to convert anybody, they're there to test and toughen up their own faith. (One reason I won't talk to them, why should I train more Mormons.)

hdhouse said...

I have to admit that when I first read the thread title i thought it said:


and I was pleasantly pleased about my October visit to Madison.

Ahhhh but dashed hopes.

Clyde said...

No, no, no! The capital of Lesbianism is Beirut! It's on all of the maps! Get it together, people!

Ann Althouse said...

About the CGI look to the first photo. I think it has something to do with the automatic settings the camera used. The scene looked much brighter to the naked eye. I'm guessing that the shutter speed was very fast and that produced an eerie frozen in motion look to the people.

I didn't do any tweaking to this one (though I did crop it a little).

Clyde said...

And what's with all of the cows? Is it a Wisconsin thing, or are they trying to show the punishment for worshipping golden calves?

I just don't get the theocrat wannabes...

AntiCitizenOne said...

"America is a Nation of Sexual Perverts"

Sounds good to me!

Puritanism - n. The deep-seated fear that someone, somewhere is enjoying themselves.

Jeff Faria said...

Maybe it's a testament to my own perversion, but none of the listed items actually constitutes 'sexual perversion' as I understand it.

"35% of children suffer sexual abuse"

That's child abuse. The kids are victims, not perverts. The adults doing this may be sexual perverts, but what's paramount is that they are abusing children, rather than their preferred method of doing it.

"1 in 5 people are infected with an incurable STD"

That's disease, which you happen to get through sex. I guess it's designed to indicate some unacceptable level of promiscuity, but since you could have sex just once in your life and get herpes, I don't think it qualifies.

It implies that sexual disease is a moral punishment for promiscuity, which is somewhat like saying that AIDS is a punishment for homosexuality. I think that having contracted either ailment one might regret one's sexual choices, but there's never been a moral aspect to disease. Are cancer victims bad people? One might think so by the way they are often treated, but it's not true. Fate and fortune make fools of us all.

"70% of teenagers are sexually active"

Well, DUH. When life spans were shorter, people got married in their teens. Today, that's where the hormones are. Teach them to handle it, rather than pretend it doesn't exist.

Tell me 70% of those in senior citizens' homes are sexually active, and you'll have my attention. Now THAT's perversion.

"Over half the male population admits to viewing pornography"

Men are DESIGNED to look at naked females. Whether they do anything about it is a matter of self-control, but we are programmed to look. You might as well castigate us for having penises (which some women are inclined to do, but that's a whole 'nother issue).

Now, if the stat was that men were losing their jobs due to porn, spending half their salary at strip clubs, unable to form relationships due to porn... well, that would be something worth standing behind a sign about. That's a legit concern (and it may even be happening for all I know). But "viewing porn"? Yeah, they might be viewing porn, and they might watch Katie Couric do the news to see her legs, too, but that's not a perversion. (It's a waste of time, but not a perversion.)

AntiCitizenOne said...

Lesbos Island must surely be the capital of the carpet munchers!

Citizen Deux said...

I also recall these buskers (term for street performers) who rolled across the campuses of the US in the 80's. It appears they are still active. One group was called the Campus Crusade for Christ and they had a pretty good pitchman called Borther Jim.

One of our favorite sports was called "provoke the preacher". One got extra points if you could get them to acknowledge you or (my favorite accomlishment) being labeled a "heathen"

Mark said...

Remember, too, that when two Mormon kids show up on their doorstep, they're not there because Mormon HQ expects them to convert anybody, they're there to test and toughen up their own faith. (One reason I won't talk to them, why should I train more Mormons.)

You might want to revisit that subject. Those young Mormon missionaries are there precisely to share their faith with you and invite you to accept. If that "toughens" their own faith, all the better, but that is not the primary purpose of their work. They are sent to teach and invite. I have that from a good source with impeccable credentials.

Jay Manifold said...

If sex is death, and Althouse laughs at death ... dare I complete the syllogism?

Mark said...

So Ann laughs during sex. I have on occasion as well. What's the shock in that?

Richard H said...

As a preacher myself, I like to choose a rhetorical style that allows me to communicate my chosen content with a particular audience. I confess the style I see in these pictures doesn't look very effective to me.

Now if the objective is to feel like you're facing "the enemy" and being persecuted by being ignored...

Bob said...

Mr Snitch wrote: "Tell me 70% of those in senior citizens' homes are sexually active, and you'll have my attention. Now THAT's perversion." That reminds me of an article I read a couple of weeks ago dealing with a "mini-epidemic" of STD's at a senior-oriented community (The Villages, near Orlando, if I recall). Apparently the "rise" (hah!) in the availability of Viagra, et al, is a contributing factor.

Poorly-remembered Futurama quote: "Nothing in here except a couple of elephant skin rugs."

BJK said...

No one seems to have observed that in addition to the golden and other multi-hued calves, the site in the photo appears to have some sort of altar as well. What's up with that?

They're water fountains in the area between the end of State Street and the UW Campus (note the drainage grate between in the center of the brick circle). I'd guess that most people didn't comment because any UW-alums have seen them hundreds of times. That area is invariably where the moralist protestors congregate (it's about as high-traffic an area as you're likely to find on campus).

Pax Federatica said...

Anyway, a favorite Jed and Cindy moment of mine was when a Sincere Christian girl tried to engage him in front of the crowd, criticising his confrontational style.
She entreated him to preach _love_ not hate, you know, like Jesus did.
He listened for a minute or so then he scrunched up his face and hissed "Harlot!" (or words to that effect)
The crowd, needless to say, loved it.

I wonder whether this wasn't so much a genuine attempt at preaching as it was a social experiment, to see what kind of a response one would get by preaching "that old-time religion" - in the old-time style, no less - in one of the most liberal environments one can find. It sounds to me like they may even have been intentionally going over the top with their preaching.

BTW, when they mentioned the name of the state and/or university, did they make a point of accenting the last syllable?

Joe Giles said...

Why would someone stand in a public square for a few hours, preaching an unpopular topic and risking ridicule to feel morally superior?

Especially when one can feel morally superior sitting right at home. ;-)

And I'll have to differ with Mr. Snitch: 1/3rd of children sexual abused and 1/5th of us with an incurable sexual disease (assuming those stats are legit) is a perversion of the good and true. Legit concerns, if you will. Doubt anyone in those categories says they're a better person for it.

Thank God for the public square. Take that, Fidel.

Roy said...

Seems pretty ineffective to me as well, but I'm struck by the comments here. First, so many of you seem so SURE of the protestors motives. I wonder how you know that? Frankly, I don't trust you to know that, making your points dribble. Second, it's ironic how many of you comment on the morally superior feeling of the protestors when your comments come off as so morally superior. I guess you get that same feeling. Bully for you!

BJK said...

I have never had the privilege of visiting UWM, having received my law degree at the Univ. of Illinois, but I am guessing the cows are always in the courtyard-- the state animal of Wisconsin or something.

UWM = University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
UW = Univ. of WI - Madison

(While it's a pet peeve of mine, I'll admit it's a simple mistake....especially for a product of the Illinois educational system. ;)

The cows are a fairly recent addition. Without knowing the full story, I would presume it's something similar to what other communities have done: having local sponsors decorate a series of large statues, displaying them, and then auctioning them off for charity. (I think Chicago did it a few years ago, and I know Minneapolis did something similar after Charles Schultz died.)

J said...

"Tell me 70% of those in senior citizens' homes are sexually active, and you'll have my attention. Now THAT's perversion"

Mr Snitch, make sure you're sitting down when you read this:

If you decide to buy a place there, let us know what you think...

brian said...

About the cows - they are scattered all around the city as part of the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board's Cow Parade Wisconsin. There's some coverage of it in the local rag, but it's a very love-hate thing among local residents.

As for the protesters, they are usually widely ignored and seem to be present whenever the weather is nice and class is in session. If they are particularly obnoxious venom-spewers, then students will respond.

Unknown said...

"Brother Jed and Sister Cindy"

Brother Jed was Max's follower, and then Max, who was by far the most entertaining, just disappeared. Cindy joined Jed later. And I was somewhat surprised to discover at the time that Max apparently covered pretty much every major campus coast to coast in the US.

Jeff Faria said...

From 'J': "If you decide to buy a place there, let us know what you think..."

Yow. Well I guess I should have seen this coming, with the proliferation of 'mature' and 'granny' porn sites. And Viagra, which changes everything I guess.

Not that I, uh, know much about such things myself...

Canadian Yankee said...

Supposing you are allowed to go on campus, would you have the courage to go to Bob Jones University and hold up signs promoting whatever you believe in that they don't? Would you take the time?

You wouldn't be allowed to do this, and if you tried, you'd be politely escorted off campus. Plenty of individuals and groups (most notably, Mel White's group Soulforce, which works for reconciliation between gays and evangelicals) have attempted to protest at BJU and have been turned away.

As a private institution that deliberate eschews any government funding, Bob Jones U. is not under any obligation to provide a venue for unmoderated speech. That's part of why they don't accept government funding, in fact.

Revenant said...

While most of the comments above are having fun with ridiculing) the street demonstrators Ann took pictures of, a couple made comparisons to al Queda.

Oh really? Who did that?

Looking at the posts prior to yours I don't see any comparisons to al Qaeda -- just to fundamentalist Islam.

Right now there are plenty of Iranian students and professors wishing they had an environment which would let people demontrate, teach, and watch satellite TV without fear of serious recrimination.

I wish they did, too -- and I'm certainly thankful that we have such an environment here. But the reason we have that environment is that the people holding those signs are shunned by polite society. If they held political power, we'd be no better off than the Iranians, freedom-wise

docweasel said...

The capital of Lesbianism! Sounds like the docweasel family's next vacation destination! We love lesbians!

Beth said...

But let some genuine communist revolutionaries come to town, or some Starbucks-hating, window-smashing greenies, or a nutty leftist conspiracy theorist, and suddenly hearts flutter and platitudes about free speech and open minds spew out of power-hungry mouths.

The nutty conspiracy theorists get the same laughter treatment these folks are getting here. As for the actual window smasher, I've never seen fluttery hearts and platitudes as the response. More often, cities respond with a street full of armored riot control police. How have you missed that in your four years of keen obserations, and what were you doing all the years before that?

Revenant said...

It's a question of perspective, though. Everyone falls all over themselves to mock and ridicule these people, who have unusual ideas but aren't typically prone to violence.

They aren't typically prone to using violence against people who badly outnumber them, at least.

When the roles are reversed, gays and other perverts suddenly find themselves jailed for the crime of existing. I call that violence.

MadisonMan said...

Joel, I think the more correct statement would be you don't see Ann blogging about mocking religious fanatics, etc. etc.

You (or I) have no idea what the hostess does away from this medium.

Ann Althouse said...

Prup: I think this would be more effective as a pro-Baldwin trick. The message is that the nonliberal position is absurdly narrow and creepily grim. Are mainstream social conservatives against masturbation and trying to scare you about hell?

Revenant said...

Are mainstream social conservatives against masturbation

Joycelyn Elders might think so. :)

parkybob22 said...

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All these practices that have been listed above are sexual immorality that brings very many grave consequences unto people’s lives.

parkybob22 said...

matter of fact its your own fault you dont see the truth. You are so blinded in sin that you will never see it until you open your eyes to the truth. There is a God and there is a burning hell. It wont come as a flood this time as a judgment but as a burning lake of fire for eternity.