September 14, 2006

A day in Madison.

Finally, it's sunny here in Madison, Wisconsin. Here's the view from the faculty library on the seventh floor of the law school:

Bascom Mall

Very lovely. But I'm going up State Street, and I'm not taking a laptop, just an article I need to read and write about. I'm going to take my seat right here.


At my magic table. Here's the view:


I don't know if looking up at that mish-mash of flyers helps me in any way, but I always seem to be able to get my work done here. I felt, as I approached this place, I'd get the idea I needed inside. Aha! I did. Afterwards, I cross the street to one of my favorite shops, where I buy six items of clothing -- one without looking at the price (I realize later). Checking, I see that it was $180. Is that the most expensive thing I've ever bought without even thinking to look at the price?

Heading back to the law school, I stop for a mega mango, and it's all gone by the time I make it back to the seventh floor....

Bascom Mall

...where I type out my handwritten notes and then this blog post.


Tom said...

I love that table...but it has the opposite effect on me. If I sit there I usually end up spacing out/staring out the window...

XWL said...

After staring closely at the board of clutter, three questions come to mind.

The Roches, who pays $35 dollars to see The Roches in 2006?

What's different about Gay hockey compared to Straight hockey?

Looking at the poster for the upcoming performance of Eugene O'Neill's Anna Christie, given that the actor pictured is young, hot, caucasian in appearance and thin, weren't they worried about being accused of ageism, lookism, racism, and sizeism?

Richard said...

Hey, Ann. A lot of your photos have hot looking women in them. What's up with that?

Kirk Parker said...

Handwritten notes? Going somewhere to write w/o your computer? What's up with that! My handwriting, while never good, has deteriorated so much more, now that I write on the computer, that it's completely worthless.

I'm a complete wimp about handwriting now. When I'm at the DMV or the doctor's office and they give me a form to fill out, it's all I can do to keep from sliding it back and saying, "Uhh, sorry, I don't do paper forms."


Ann Althouse said...

"Hey, Ann. A lot of your photos have hot looking women in them. What's up with that?"

What's up with that is Madison, Wisconsin. Also, maybe the fact that you're just not seeing the guys. But practically everyone here is good-looking. What are you going to do?