September 22, 2006

Another Unplayable 45, this time: vlogged!

Oh, my friends, are you in for a treat. Today's Unplayable 45 is vlogged.

Unplayable 45

And what a very vloggy vlog it is:

Some links to help you with that vlog. Here are the lyrics to "Here Comes the Night." And here are the lyrics to "Brown Eyed Girl," the song that came on the 60s channel as I emerged from the parking garage this evening and made contact once again with the satellite. Here's the episode of with David Corn and Byron York arguing about "Hubris" that somehow has something to do with this. And here you can find and explanation of what "snowball sampling" is. Hey, it all fits together in the vlog.

Anyway, back to the 45. Since I can't play it, I wanted to buy it on iTunes to relive the experience of listening to it, but all they had was a karaoke version of the Them recording. That was disappointing but enough to make me remember why I liked this enough to buy it. The guitar hook is quite profound. But I remember regretting spending my money on this, because I didn't like the sound of Van Morrison's voice. I never learned to like it later. I don't doubt that he's an excellent singer. There's just a tone to it that I find unappealing.

And I especially didn't like it back when I was a teenager. He sounded too much like an adult, like those soul singers with their heavy voices who were always singing about way too serious adult relationships. The ultimate example of a song of that kind for me was Percy Sledge singing "When a Man Loves a Woman." I could tell it was good, but I could not identify with what was going on there, with people deeply emotionally distraught about love problems. The adult quality was -- judged by the hippie ethic of my generation -- square. Love, love, love -- it should bring joy and universal good will -- none of this grasping and suffering.


Ruth Anne Adams said...

"I'm currently an adult."


nedludd said...

In the sixties you had "When a Man Loves a Woman", in the eighties we had Romeo Void "I Might Like You Better if We Slept Together" and Sly Fox "Let's go All the Way"

Ruth Anne Adams said...

I think it means you need to replace your Snowball microphone for your podcasts.

Ann Althouse said...

nedludd: Well, in the 60s we had "Let's Spend the Night Together." I'm not talking about references to sex, but to the emotional turmoil of serious relationships.

XWL said...

If you remember a particular discussion in the first Clerks film, you might not bandy the term 'snowball' about so casually.

(explicit and occaisonally misogynistic language at 'snowball' link)

nedludd said...

Well, in the 60s we had "Let's Spend the Night Together."

Ed Sullivan said it was "Let's Spend Some Time Together"

Meade said...

1960 "Teenage Sonata" by Sam Cooke - not heavy, not adult, no grasping and no suffering; light, soulfully sweet, and joyful.

Ann Althouse said...

XWL: I do remember that and did think of that, actually, not that I meant to allude to it.

Rob said...

Well, if you object to Morrison's voice, how did you like the Shadow of Knight's version of "Gloria"? The best cover of a Van Morrison song? John Mellencamp's "Wild Night" is also pretty good.

Surely "Wild Night" didn't sound too adult when it was originally a hit? Certainly about turmoil, but not about serious relationships.

Morrison has been all over the place musically. The rock critics have traditionally been enamored of the album "Astral Weeks". I like it, but can't understand how it belongs among the best ever, even if you stop ranking in 1970. But then, I don't see what is so exciting about "Citizen Kane" either.

XWL said...

Any outrage expressed in my previous post regarding the casual use of the term 'snowball' was the mock kind, of course.

Probably all the snowballs popping into your consciousness are to remind you now that autumn has officially fallen, winter isn't far.

At least that would be the Joni Mitchell Circle Game type explanation.

And, while we are on the subject of nerds (which was a major theme in your vlog), Lev Grossman coined a new term when describing Ken Jennings, celebrinerd.

(the original article here, Ken's post here, my post here, the Urban Dictionary definition here)

Now there is a half hearted effort to get this out there as a word folks use.

Given your description of yourself in this vlog. I'm thinking that Prof. Althouse qualifies as a celebrinerd, at least in blogospheric terms.

Of course, pretty much every lawblogger, and for that matter almost every blogger of note could be called a celebrinerd.

Ann Althouse said...

When it comes to "Gloria," of course, I prefer Patti Smith. (But I did have the Shadows of Knight version when it came out, though not anymore.)

J. Peden said...

Barbara Lewis sang in "Does/n't Anyone Want a Lover?":

I sit and cry
I moan inside
I feel so unhappy
I feel like I'm going to die

I about died when I heard this old song for the first time a couple years ago, especially with that last line. sang slowly and so clearly. It quite surprised me. She had me convinced.

Rob said...

Having watched the Vlog, and hearing the Prof's delivery of a portion of "Brown Eyed Girl" (that is a great lyric, isn't it?)it connects to the discussion of the "Let's Spend the Night Together"/"Let's Spend Some Time Together" incident. There is video of Jagger singing the "clean" version on Ed Sullivan, with a truly priceless expression of disgust on his face.

There was a radio version of "Brown Eyed Girl" which had "making love in the green grass" removed and something like "laughing and a runnin, hey, hey" instead. Very similar, if not identical, to the lyric about the waterfall. I even have a greatest hits disk that has the "clean" version.

It is interesting now that many, many songs have two versions for this reason. I really love a song by Liz Phair called "Why Can't I" which contains the big obscenity of modern english. However, being a middle aged guy I could not understand what she was saying. One night I was listening to the song through earphones and suddenly realized what the couple in the song had not done yet. I now have the "edited" rather than the "explicit" version.

Rob said...

Patti Smith prefered because you are a feminist? I have never thought much of Ms. Smith, except her version of "Because the Night" would probably be among my twenty favorite songs of all time. Certainly a contender for such status. Far better than Springsteen's or 10,000 Maniacs' versions.

J. Peden said...

B. Lewis continued:

So if anyone, anyone, wants a lover
My heart is filled to the brim
Won't someone please, please hear my plea
And come in

Simon said...

Ah, another vlog. The perfect rejoinder the the femisting mafia's argument that you're just jealous of Jessica's looks. ;)

Ann Althouse said...

Rob: Ugh! I became a big fan of Patti Smith when I saw her by accident at a club back when she was doing poetry readings but at one point broke into the song "Gloria." It was the coolest thing I ever saw. I'm not interested in later Patti Smith and "Because the Night" isn't anything to me. I basically like the first album. I have a single too. Maybe I'll scan it tomorrow.

Kev said...

When I first saw the Parrot record label on that 45, what came to mind was Bobby "Boris" Pickett's "The Monster Mash," which was recorded on that label (along with a lot of Tom Jones and Engelbert Humperdinck...the pop singer, that is, not the classical composer).

vbspurs said...


First, loved how you're on Youtube now, Ann, since 2006 is the Year of the Youtube (just like 1906 was the year of the hobble skirt).

But here's my beef.


Sorry to shout, but this is driving me nuts.

Look at your freeze-capture moment in your vlog.

You seem either in agony (having perchance seen a squirrel, or horrors, a bat), or about to sneeze or in the throes of a Linda Lovelace multiple orgasm!

It's very discomfitting, and rather like false advertising, IMHO.

Look at my own Youtube effort here.

Heaven knows why the code decided to feature Brad Pitt in Interview with a Vampire, instead of the million other possible screenshots available, in my traipse across South Florida programming.

Not that I mind looking at Brad Pitt, anymore than I mind looking at you mid-ecstacy, either.

But dammit, be honest about it, Youtube!


Mickey said...

Hey Ann,

What software do you use for your vlog? I know you have a Mac, but I don't know of any simple vlogging solutions yet.

As it happens there's an American Idol sort of contest called "My Dream App" ( where iVlog is one of the contestants.

Okay, full disclosure, I'm the contestant. :)

The first round of voting ends today (Saturday) at 6 pm eastern. Would you consider visiting the site and voting for iVlog? I'm actually in danger of elimination!

You get a free program just for voting. It's called "pzizz" and is designed to help you concentrate and fall asleep with audio. It's normally $40 and is a sweet deal regardless of the vote.

And I know you like American Idol, so you might enjoy this whole thing anyway. Here's the live voting results. iVlog just needs 0.2% to escape elimination!

Mickey said...

Oh, of course, anyone else who reads this comment can go vote for iVlog and get a free copy of pzizz as well! It works on both Mac and Windows.

And since I'm the iVlog contestant, I'll be intimately involved with the creation of the app, if it wins. So, if there's anything at all you want in a good vlogging app, please let me know!

J. Peden said...

When I first saw that Parrot come up, I was startled and frightened. I've only got dial-up here, so it materializes slowly. By chance, I've been calling some people "Parrots" on another blog, so I was wondering if they had me surrounded. I was also relieved to see it spelled the same way I did.

amba said...

Speaking of new terms (somebody did), could somebody please come up with a better term for a vlog than "Vlog"? Or is it too late? It sounds . . . Russian. (A Russian typo? The Vloga Boat Song?) Vlog the Impaler. And now "pzizz," like "Pnin."

It also sounds like what was done to Jesus in "The Passion of the Christ," which can also be part of an obscenity -- "Vlog the Dummy"? (Very funny link, if you can stand it. Adjusting the antenna?)

Suppose you could call it a Tublog, but that sounds like a Danish beer.

Some of these words do not deserve to catch on.

Mickey said...

I don't think we have a choice, amba. I refused to use the word "blog" for a long time, but that didn't do anything. Vlog is the de facto extension and it's already in widespread use.

I mean, there's already a, lol.

amba said...

Ack. (By contrast, I've always loved "blog." It just doesn't translate well into "Russian.")

vbspurs: If you ask me, in the freeze frame Ann is singing. (Haven't watched it.)

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Victoria: My guess is that YouTube freezes the frame at the midpoint of the clip, whatever its length.

When you see that frame, you know you're half-way done.

This is not based on fact, only my supposition and observation.

SippicanCottage said...
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Ann Althouse said...

Sippi: Thanks for the clip, painful though it is. Badly played and sung, and the guy that introduces them makes a child molestation joke.

I think this song is a lot like the Yardbirds, which is a band I really did like. So I don't really have a coherent theory. I was going to say that I disliked a heavy, humorless presentation of love relationships, but I wasn't consistent about that, for whatever reason.

SippicanCottage said...
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Alan said...

So you have a set up under your desk for naps like George Costanza? :)

Ann Althouse said...

Alan: George had a window where I have a wall. I also have a sofa. Once I opened my door and found a stranger sleeping on it!

Alan said...

Thank goodness the stranger was sleeping on the sofa instead of under the desk. :)

SippicanCottage said...
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amba said...

The early Van Morrison song I liked a lot was "Domino," which was danceable (a big criterion for me), but I never understood the lyrics. It just now occurred to me that it's not 1970 any more (thinking about an old song takes you back, if you're tech-tarded and don't have an iPod) and I can Google them. So here they are. I still don't understand the chorus, but this says it's a tribute to Fats Domino.

SippicanCottage said...
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Anonymous said...

great, hilarious, rambling, coherent vlog....btw my one very favorite van song after all these years is actually "coney island"...

J. Peden said...

Come on, amba, Vlog is the perfect fit for Vmonologue. It had to happen.

Hazy Dave said...

Van and BANG records had very different ideas about which direction Van should go after "Brown Eyed Girl". Van ultimately got his way (and has been following his muse nearly 40 years now), but visit here

for a delightful indication of his strategy for getting out of his contract with Bert Berns (earlier the writer and producer of "Here Comes The Night").

Derek said...

They were talking about Van the Man over at 2Blowhards recently, too:

I really, really enjoy some of his stuff, while other songs leave me cold. What I go for is his mystical ones (like the title cut of "Astral Weeks", or "Common One", or much of "Veedon Fleece"), and some of the soul workouts ("Domino", "I've Been Working", "Satisfied", etc.).