August 11, 2006

"You think that the Monkees music is banal and insipid?"

Says Mike Nesmith as played by Frank Zappa, interviewing Frank Zappa as played by Mike Nesmith.


Richard Fagin said...

Mike doesn't care. He inherited the Liquid Paper fortune from his mother.

P. Froward said...

Well, "Last Train to Clarksville" (never mind who wrote it) is worth more than Zappa's entire catalog. And Zappa's entire catalog is worth more than that clip.

Was there really a time when people took enough drugs to be entertained by that stuff?

Special bonus Zappa-related nostalgia! Walter Becker describes Zappa's tone on "Zoot Allures" as "particularly nasal and annoying". Did I find that interview here? Can't recall.

Ron said...

I've always wanted to see a film where John Waters played Steve Buscemi and Steve Buscemi played John Waters!

Ed said...

Ron... do you mean to say that Jon Waters and Steve Buscemi are not actually the same person?

bill said...

Thanks, Ann, that was great. Nesmith also won the first video grammy.

bill said...

Need to get me some Elephant Parts. One of the highlights of early MTV was Nesmith's Cruisin'; usually referred to as "Lucy and Ramona and Sunset Sam.

Bissage said...

I know a lot of people take Zappa very seriously. Musical genius and all that. Me? I wore the grooves out of "We're Only In It For The Money." But I liked Zappa the same way I liked They Might Be Giants. You know, clever and catchy novelty music.

I never understood where Zappa was coming from. I mean, on the one hand he'd pontificate about Varese and stuff, and on the other hand he'd appear on "Match Game" or something and act like a clown.

Somehow I got the feeling he thought we were all a bunch of assholes and that his very presence was his eccentric way of proving it to us and taking his revenge, all at the same time.

Maybe I watched the Monkees too much, rotting my brain, when I should have been doing homework. (Michael was their leader!)

Maybe I watched "Sid & Nancy" last night for the first time and am still a little discombobulated. Wasn't it Malcom McLaren or somebody who said the Sex Pistols were the Monkees of the seventies?

"Some say your nose. Some say your toes. But I think it's your mind."

SippicanCottage said...
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