August 30, 2006

"Warned not to 'bland down'" Katie Couric "to the level of Condoleezza Rice at a G8 summit."

Styling for serious sincerity without crossing the line into seriosity. It's quite the challenge. But why pick on Condi? She's fashion perfect!


dklittl said...

Answer: Condi's clothes seem to have more personality than she does.

Dave said...

From the linked article:

"Ever since her appointment was announced, an elite team of stylists and spin doctors has been working on her image, transforming the princess of frothy morning show "Today" into a serious voice who can tackle weighty issues like the Middle East, oil prices and immigration on "The CBS Evening News.""

When did TV news last deal with "weighty" issues? When Edward R. Murrow was around? The idea that TV news deals with "weighty" issues is as laughable as, well, concerns about Couric's weight.

AllenS said...

Quoting from the article: "After all, Couric, who will be paid an estimated $15 million annually, was hired for her warmth and accessibility."

Why not sex her up a bit, by giving her bigger breasts. After all, how many people watching tv will have "accessibility." I would think that larger breasts would project "warmth."

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Meaning: Call a cab for Katie, we can't afford a limo anymore.

Simon said...

If "accessable" is what they want, they might as well hire Rachael Ray. Ray has (comparatively) more gravitas, and doesn't have a simpering screen presence that demands a channel hop.

RogerA said...

AllenS is on it! or better yet, CBS could have hired Ana Nicole Smith--oh wait--thats the wrong kind of gravitas.

ignacio said...

A friend of mine at ABC said about the below, 'says it all about what's become of my noble profession.'

Of course the accompanying photo contributed a great deal.

"John Mark Karr stared at MSNBC's Rita Cosby when she stuck her face against the window of the car he was being driven in. That report took up three minutes of airtime."

Back to Condi Rice: it seems from here she's lost face over her handling of Lebanon and the bad deal she seems to have struck with the French.

Though there is something to be said, perhaps, for providing rope to those bent on publicly hanging themselves. If one is seen as macchiavellian rather than naif. (key word these days is "seen.")

The Drill SGT said...

I'm sorry. This whole episode demonstrates how intellectually bankrupt the MSM news business has become. Shaping the image of your new head news reader (anchor) and shaping news to push a particular agenda leaves me sickened. I'd love to have Margaret Thatcher doing the nightly news. :)

less glitz and more up front honesty.

Let's call it like it is, those news readers are actors not journalists. Let's hire actors instead. Elizabeth and I vote for Patrica Clarkson, playing Sam Walker as the anchor.

Icepick said...

RogerA wrote: [B]etter yet, CBS could have hired Ana Nicole Smith--oh wait--thats the wrong kind of gravitas.

Says you. Just the right kind of gravitas, says I! Imagine if Ana had been there during Memo-gate. No one would have even cared about the memos....

And everyone keeps talking about how cute Couric is. Don't you remember how she pole-axed Bob Dole in 1996?

Doug said...

Katie Couric is one of those celebrities (along with Robin Williams) that I just can't stand to watch for more than three minutes.

Lou Grant must have been channeling the future of TV news when he uttered "I hate spunk".

JorgXMcKie said...

Exactly how much 'gravitas' does it take to look sincerely into a camera and read something that someone else wrote? [Roland Hedley from Doonesbury, "I'm Roland Hedley, and I'm not wearing any pants!" delivered with a perfectly straight face.]

I have no more interest in watching Katie Courid read the 'news' than I had watching Dan Rather.

[Although I might watch Dan on HDNews or wherever it is he's going if he were to get really big breast enhancements.]

Beth said...

Oh, the glamour Patricia Clarkson would bring! She can pull off any period, any style, any range of couture, effortlessly. Both Condi and Katie could learn a lot from her.

P_J said...

Bland down?

What about their efforts to slim her down?

(Disclaimer: I don't really care about any Katie Couric photo manipulation. I just find it amusing).

Doug -- You made me laugh out loud with the Lou Grant quote!

Anonymous said...

The difference between Katie and Condi (besides Condi's enormous CV, poise and intelligence) is that Condi's bias is acknowledged and out there. She's a conservative, working for a Republican administration.

Katie is supposed to be objective (or one would think reporters are supposed to be objective, but maybe I'm being old fashioned), but is a big lefty who drools over Castro and Hillary.

paul a'barge said...

Leaving Katie aside for the moment, and I will, living in the wilderness with a satellite dish and an unwillingness to pay for local channels I would never watch anyway, take a look at that stab in the face of Condi Rice in the middle of a style article about an MSM news bimbo.

Talk about "gobsmack".

Is it impossible for these reckless MSM types, and I'm speaking about folks like the newspaper reporter who wrote this drivel, to get through a paragraph without knee-jerking into Bush Derangement Syndrome and spewing their bitter bigotry-choad all over everything they produce?

How tawdry and pathetic. And to think that these nimrods travel through life, willfully performing their pornographic behavior.

I hope the Bardos are suitably welcoming when they get there.

knox said...

If "accessable" is what they want, they might as well hire Rachael Ray.

what is it with guys and RR? She must work some Jedi mind trick on that show of hers. The voice alone would be enough to drive me to drink. Simon, check out the peek-a-boo spread she did for FHM a couple years back... I'm sure it's out there on the internets somewhere. Totally ridiculous, but if you like her, it's probably right up your alley...

Pat Patterson said...

And we know that Patricia Clarkson can do butterfly kisses and Marlene Dietrich impersonations.

The Drill SGT said...

Patricia Clarkson is a better actor,

likely is less biased,

reads lines better,

and I'm sure she works for less than $15 million a year.

Frank said...

3 minutes? I can't stand to see Couric for more than 3 seconds! She has all the grace of an obonxious high school cheerleader 30 years past her prime.

Anonymous said...

The Drill Sgt. is on to something. Why don't they just hire actors?

Nobody takes these nitwits seriously anymore, and nobody under 70 watches network news.

There's all this talk about how hot Katie is, but she's only hot by real world standards. By Hollywood standards, she's grotesque. Why not get a superhot babe to be anchor?

So Katie's gonna walk around so we can see her hot bod? Imagine a really hot chick who can act, walking around, talking all serious. That would be hot!

Why do you think Fox is so highly rated? You think it's because everyone's turned into a right-wing wacko? No! It's because Fox has the hottest chicks. They don't call it Fox for nothing.