August 13, 2006

Sunday morning.

It's 66° here in Madison, Wisconsin. It's a good time to go for a walk along the lake path...

Lake path

I'll take my camera -- my big Nikon. (I lost the charger to my small Sony, which finally pushed me over the edge to order a new pocket-sized camera. There are so many, and the differences are so subtle, that I had to simplify the search, which I did by embracing Sony, which had done so well for me. I picked this.) I'll take my iPod shuffle, not to listen to music, but to listen to the recording of "The Long March: How the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s Changed America," which I've already listened to for a few minutes while falling asleep and then while completely asleep. I need to get a grip on what's been pouring into my unconscious brain.

Anyway, I must be going. I've got that walk to do, and later, a late lunch to attend, and, in the early evening, I've got to do a one-hour drive to catch up on this week's "Theme Time Radio Hour with Bob Dylan," which I still haven't heard. (It's about eyes this week.) And I want to spend some time at a little table in a State Street café adding some sentences to a draft of an essay I'm writing that's due in a few days. And, of course, it's podcast day.

Meanwhile, I feel I should point you to something to read... as if you wouldn't figure out somewhere to go next if I didn't point you there. There's Michael Totten's report from Lebanon. And Charles Johnson is uncovering information about unearthing bodies for posing in propaganda photos in Lebanon. Beyond Lebanon, you might wonder are smart people grumpier? But don't start acting grumpy as a way of trying to look smart. And speaking of grumpy, remember how pissed everyone got that time I said fat people needed to eat less? Here's a big, steaming helping of food for the kind of thoughts you like: you can blame the microbes that are colonizing your body.

So feel free to talk about any of that while I'm away. And with all that subject matter jammed up in one post, I may as well jam it up more and declare this post a coffeehouse... and alt-coffee-house.


Meade said...

Not everyone got pissed off. I didn't get pissed off. I asked what's so wrong with being fat and suggested that perhaps it's not in taxpayers' interest to have the federal government funding surveys and reports that are not peer-reviewed telling us what we should or shouldn't do with out own damn adipose. I think I was ignored but I didn't get pissed off. I didn't even get grumpy.

Have a lovely calorie-burning walk along the lake, Ann. (See? I'm as richly sweet as they come, a sort of just dessert, personified.)

Madison Guy said...

Absolutely stunning day in Madison -- with smooth, inviting bike paths on the old railroad rights-of-way radiating out in every direction.

A simple, little multiple choice quiz to keep the mind on its toes while burning calories:

How far would all the liquids and gels confiscated by TSA during the recent security crackdown at the nation's airports reach if the individual containers had been laid end-to-end?

A. From Earth to the moon and halfway back again
B. From New York City to Omaha
C. From New York City to Washington, D.C.

Find out the answer at Where did all the stuff go?

Dave said...

60 degrees in August?

Clearly, global warming is afoot! Where is Al Gore? Madison needs him STAT!

Johnny Nucleo said...

Did you see that Washington Post story that says we are all descended from kings and famous people? This made me very happy. It also says we are all descended from Muhammad. This made me very confused. At first I was going to declare myself King of Tijuana, but now I am thinking of declaring myself Caliph. It would be easier to conquer Tijuana, but being Caliph would impress chicks more.

Maxine Weiss said...

66 ??? In August.

I don't believe you.

Is Wisconson that desperate for tourism?


Peace, Maxine

Maxine Weiss said...

This article would make a very nice Althouse post:

"In the newly feminized classroom, boys tune out." ----Gerry Garibaldi

"How the Schools shortchange boys"--Gerry Garibaldi

Feminisim is evil. And, it's responsible for every last social problem we've got, nowadays.

Peace, Maxine