August 15, 2006

"Pound for pound, chimpanzees are about five times stronger than humans."

Hmmmm.... okay, I'm going to take back this old and much criticized post. Where I got the info: from this collection of interesting questions answered. (Via Jonah Goldberg.)


Peter said...

I live fairly close to Dallas and that Gorilla was all over the news, especially local talk radio.
What no one remembers is that there were Zoo Officials with the Tranq Gun, they were getting the thing set up. It's not like they have a line of tranq rounds lined up, neatly , etc in a neat row.labled "Lion", "Tiger", "Web Footed Wombat", etc. They have to get the meds, figure out the right dosage, load the gun and then come running. The Gorilla didn't give them the time. Meanwhile the Dallas Bluesuits aren't trained for Gorillas. Drunks, yeah. Junkies, sure. Three hundred pound PCP monsters, all in a days work. No Gorillas. From when I first pinned on a star to the day I retired I had not one minute of training on Gorillas.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Oops. Looks like you got chimped.

Icepick said...

And consider that Gorillas are stronger than chimps.

A grown adult male chimp can pretty much tear a grown human male apart bare-handed. Plus, chimps go beyond dangerous, reaching the level of outright vicousness. (If you ever get a chance to see footage of chimps hunting monkies, watch it. But only in the daylight. It's terrifying in a way that other predators just can't match. Except hominids, of course. Incidentally, chimps are highly successful hunters, much more so than any of the big cats.)

A gorilla probably wouldn't even work up a sweat tearing a human apart. Fortunately, gorillas are generally non-violent creatures. Still, don't piss one off, and don't take chances if one goes on a rampage.

Really, humans are woefully under-muscled compared to our ape cousins. We make up for it with big brains, tools, hands, and our own savagery.

Sean E said...

I would think the police learned to be wary of apes after that Rue Morgue incident a few years back.

But yeah, the cops had no choice with that gorilla. Even if the tranquilizers were ready, is it possible to mix up a dose that would stop it quickly enough to matter without a pretty high risk of death anyway?

Harkonnendog said...