August 20, 2006

"Karr started with a pate, then had a green salad with walnut dressing. The main course was fried king prawn..."

Have we all gone crazy? What's with all this news coverage? Dateline: ABOARD THAI AIRWAYS TO LOS ANGELES.


Maxine Weiss said...

Pate is nothing other than a glorified meat loaf.


Peace, Maxine

Troy said...

What else is there to type about in a 15 hour flight?

Sounds like a typical business class international meal to me. It would be news if he had peanut butter and jelly, Fritos, and milk.

XWL said...

Summer 2001 had two main events, it was 'Summer of the Shark' and 'Gary Condit/Chandra Levy'.

So maybe this represents a 'return to normalcy'.

It's amazing how quickly a war in the SW Asia could be ignored when important stuff like a reportedly gender dismorphic, child-murderer groupie pops up.

Maybe it's just a sign that media outlets are desperate to get back to its pre-9/11 glory of 'true crimes' and 'killer animals'.

(plus this hurricane season (thankfully) has been a complete bust so far)

charlotte said...

I flew Thai Airways business class from Bangkok to Sydney and had lovely meals and drink without having been the least bit notorious. Or at least I thought I wasn't.

Also, there are very few children in first or business class, so it could have been safer that way. Can't you just see this rationale on the expense requisition form?

Ron said...

Remember the theory that he's trying to atone for his urges and get help by bizarrely confessing to a crime he obsessed over? Has anyone suggested that this gender reassignment stuff might have been to chemically castrate himself via female hormones? I don't know if that is what would happen...but what about it?

charlotte said...

I agree with XWL but further think the press's return to nationally obsessing over isolated instances of aberrant behavior means something big will happen soon. It's like collective self-distraction when we can all feel an event to come but don't wish to acknowledge it.

For many of us, Iran is the pathological rogue we're deep-down worried about; for others, it's Bush taking inappropriate action as if Iran were a pathological rogue. Meanwhile, talk of gas prices and weird killers or false confessors. And their airline food.

The Mechanical Eye said...

One news channel (I believe it was Fox) had a "news alert" on how the plane was within one hour of landing in the U.S.

I can only assume that that entire whole middle east problem thingy was solved overnight and this was the most important issue going on.

Ron said...

You do realize Fox has a news alert about every 30 seconds. There's nothing important about them.

Eli Blake said...

Hey, every dog has his day.

Dang, I think I'll confess to the Kennedy assassination. Just think how famous that will make me for a few days. (yeah, I was one year old at the time, but if I lie about my age it will take them a few days to figure it out.) Or maybe I will confess to driving the white Fiat Uno that the French police say they found paint from on Princess Diana's car.

Hmmm... wonder if I should spill the beans about where they can find Jimmy Hoffa.... Heck, maybe I'll just tell them I AM Jimmy Hoffa. And Elvis is my gardener.

Matt Brown said...

Maxine: I prefer foie gras to pate, but that's just me.

Eli: You are NOT Jimmy Hoffa. My dad IS.

Goesh said...

- munching prawns while reading Lolita carefully concealed in a newspaper....

Mark the Pundit said...

Both CNN and Fox had "breaking news" coverage of the plane landing and moving down the runway.

MSNBC to their credit at least had a commercial running.

-Peder said...

Today everyone has 900 well defined seconds of fame.

Art said...

Did any of the Denver stations (or the cable networks) put up a continuous squeeze frame of the Flighttracker website showing where Carr's plan was "right this minute?"

PatCA said...

The coverage is insane. Does anybody really follow this story so obsessively?!

I guess it's cheaper to do screeching alerts on this weirdo than to send reporters out to the hinterlands to actual report world events.

Bad Penny said...

I heard that the idea of pampering him was to soften him up and get him talking.

rhhardin said...

It's to keep you from tuning in to a rival news network.

The news audience is soap opera women (40% of women), which is the biggest bloc audience you can attract day-in and day-out, news or no news, whose eyeballs you sell to advertisers.

People who want hard news don't want it unless there's news, so they cannot support the news business. The won't watch every day.

Neither men, nor most women, like being addressed as women, but enough do to support the news business.

So soap opera women edit the nation's news, and take over all the terrain. No story will air that will lose their interest.

The news channels are not the incompetents they seem to be. They're the survivors.

My own solution is ridicule of the audience. You can't shame the purveyors.

Maxine Weiss said...

"The coverage is insane. Does anybody really follow this story so obsessively?!"--patca

This doesn't hold a candle to the Mel Gibson stuff.

Peace, Maxine

Roderic said...

Humm... sitting on a plane in first class for 15 hours versus sitting in a ditch, dodging rockets in Lebanon.

I know which assignment I'd take.

Bruce Hayden said...

Nationally, the coverage is bad. Locally, it is insane.

What is going to be quite humorous is how the Boulder police get him to the Boulder jail in the next 10 days. The current guess is by chartered jet to JeffCo Airport, into a closed hanger, and hence 25 miles to Boulder in a van with heavily tinted window. I would also expect that they would run decoys, and that the press corp may start hanging around that airport shortly - which means that DIA may be a better bet, given the much higher security level there (JeffCo is much smaller, and provides little security - so would be fairly easy for them to stake out).

So, so far, we have heard from psychiatrists about Karr's state of mind, hand writing experts about the differences between and simularities with his HS yearbook, his "confession", etc.

Heck, the CO press hasn't had this much fun since Koby Bryant (I actually had to go to the Eagle Cty. courthouse during that fiasco).