August 11, 2006

"I like female cartoon Kazakh superbhero by name 'Astounding Woman.'"

EW interviews Borat. You probably need a subscription to read the linked interview, but it's too offensive for me to recommend reading it anyway.

It would be better to read this interview with auf'd Runwayster Bradley Baumkirchner (the woodland gnome):
How does one not know about Cher?

I don't really follow pop culture. I'm really focused on what I do and things outside of that I really ignore. I'm really bad with actors' names — terribly bad with names in general. And I don't really read People magazine. I don't watch very much TV at all....

You probably had the driest sense of humor on the show, saying things like ''If I shave my beard and leave my mustache, maybe Bonnie will like me better'' last week. Did people get you?

I've been receiving e-mails upon e-mails about that comment. People think that comment was real. I'm like, ''It's not real, man. That was a total joke.'' I guess my humor is really particular. You worry about those things being televised. After the show you don't even remember what you said. At the beginning I was like, ''Are people going to get me?'' But no, I don't feel like a squid with no ocean. I don't walk through my day feeling like that. Some people are just dumb.
Uh-oh. We thought he was dumb. Or stoned (which he denies in the interview).
On your website you say your clothing is for ''dreamers, lovers, loners, thinkers, and the occasional tea drinker.'' Cher might fit in there?

It's true. You could add coffee drinkers in there too. What I like to do is particular. It's not Juicy. Now that the show is over, it would be great to get together with Cher and collaborate on something. Wouldn't that be a gas?
Well, who knows if Cher has a really, really dry sense of humor... and loves aluminum foil?


knoxgirl said...

[ I'm surprised you don't refer to Bradley as "dear, sweet Bradley" ]

His website it very nice (unlike the horrible PR official website) and some of his clothes are adorable, very sweet. However, I got NO sense of his design sensiblity on the show.

Anyway, I thought he was hilarious, and it was refreshing to have someone so unexpected there. (people thought the moustache thing was serious???)

Palladian said...

He needs to take a bath. In fact, about 50% of males aged 16-42 need to take a bath too. My entire neighborhood needs to take a bath.

Oh, and shave. And maybe a comb.

tcd said...

Palladian, too funny! It's the Derelicte look.

Telecomedian said...

If there's a funnier fashion movie than Zoolander..."Hansel. He's so hot right now. Hansel."

The trailer to the upcoming Borat movie is on, and looks to have a bit of a "Best in Show" or "A Mighty Wind" vibe to it.