August 7, 2006

"I fully expect to wake up tomorrow morning to see some cheetahs tearing apart a gazelle on my front lawn."

Dennis York stands with the bunnies.


Richard Fagin said...

Maybe not a cheetah, but one morning when the dog and I finished our walk (5 am - still in the dark) she froze, and then bolted after something in the back yard. I saw her chasing a coyote. The coyote was whining and crying while running away from the dog, and finally got cornered against our fence. The varmint then jumped over the fence out into the dark. Now I think I know what tore up the neighbors' little white dog. Glad I had the dane and not the cocker spaniel!

Bob_Minn said...

I'm rather disappointed with Mr. York and his appeasement of naked aggression. I too have suffered the indignity of rabbits violating my clearly marked, legally recognized border and launching attacks on my Asiatic lilies. I thought I was lucky that no tunnels began appearing inside my well-manicured, overwatered lawn. Nonetheless, I responded with disproportionate force: traps with carrots inside; poisons, fencing.

I did not get wobbly in the knees when I found a litter of bunnies in an abandoned hole (query: Is it called a litter? Doesn't matter, they were dead.) Bunnies being attacked by air weaponry? Please.

Nearby allies (er, pregnant female neighbor next door) tried to dissuade me from my shocking overreaction and attempted to broker a cease fire by promising to move any trapped rabbits to another location. I did not yield; why should I engage in biological cleansing, forcing my problem onto another hapless neighbor?

Now I have found mole holes in my yard, perilously close to my variegated lilies. I did not weep when I found a drowned mole in a watering can. Silly mole. Terrorists are rather stupid, until they stumble blindly into success...

I'm with the birds.

sonicfrog said...

In the WSJ the other day, it was Icelandic Bunnies vs Puffins in the battle for holes to nest in. The latter were preferred over the former, which are being culled by cruel humans.

Tibore said...

Another bunny post? We're totally turning into Wild Kingdom here :)

... and bunnies, and monkeys, and snakes, oh my!

Richard Fagin:

Need a taller fence. I'm just sayin'... although havin' a big a** dog like a Great Dane's a good deterrent too.

Bob_minn (and others who've read the previous bunny post): I swear, the bloodmeal works wonders at keeping the wabbits away. Mom's garden has never looked healthier, or less munched on.

Jim H said...

See--Dennis York took a picture. Okay, maybe the rabbit does look scared.

Gahrie said...

I regularly get rabbits, gophers, possums and coyotes in my yard. The one that floored me was a fox raising a kit in my backyard three summers ago. I kind of like the visitors, and it cuts down on the amount of cat food I have to buy.