August 7, 2006


I was just having coffee with a friend yesterday, talking about my recently completed road trip, and she said, "I thought there would be more photographs." Oh, there are more photographs all right. It will take me some time to sort through them all. I got through my Badlands set, from the last day of the trip. Now, I'm going back to the beginning, to the second day, when I drove from Denver to Moab, Utah, and toured Arches National Park, the park with even better rocks than the Badlands. I'll display a few here, but the whole big set is here.

There in the distance is the famous Delicate Arch:


These things are amazing but have a rather obscene vibe:


The road gives a good idea of the scale:


Like a castle in the distance:


Sublime layers. This is the one I would paint:


Doesn't it seem as though every Hollywood cowboy who ever rode a horse should come galloping out from behind that monolith?


This is the Moab Fault, where something quite extraordinary -- a 2500 foot displacement -- happened 6 million years ago:


As they say in the movies, let's get out of here:


It was beautiful:



Jonathan said...


BTW, I get more of an Easter Island vibe from the "obscene" pic. Maybe it depends on which formation one focuses on?

Sean Hackbarth said...

They look like Georgia O'Keeffe paintings come to life. Very nice.

David Walser said...


Those are some great photos. Perhaps Utah should hire you to blog about each of its five national parks. By the way, my favorite, for a motorcycle tour, is Bryce Canyon. The views are spectacular.

Ann Althouse said...

Yeah, I need to go to Bryce Canyon. I've gone to Zion, but not Bryce. And, actually, I've never seen the Grand Canyon. I guess I should fly and rent a car sometime, much as I love having my own car. I need to rent an Audi TT is the thing. I should take a roadster to make it interesting. Good idea for the winter break!

Dave said...

6 million years ago?

What are you talking about?

The Earth is only 6000 years old.

And we're not descended from apes.

Darwin is the antichrist.

Yeah, that's it.

Moxie said...

Ann, how about some info on the camera, settings and lenses you used?!

It baffles me why people still go to your pal Glenn for photo advice.

Kev said...

It's too bad you didn't get closer to the 'castle' -- I think Airwolf might still be there.

Ann Althouse said...

Moxie: Click on the photo to get to the Flickr page with more info. It's a Nikon D50. I've got a long way to go to learn how to use it well from a technological standpoint. The main thing I care about is choosing the subject and framing a composition. That's not about the equipment.

nina said...

Snakes -- any encounters with snakes? Just kidding. Wonderful photos. Thank you.

AmPowerBlog said...

Nice photos! That last pic here is incredibly majestic -- the Wild West!

Burkean Reflections

David Walser said...

Last summer, my family had, what for us was, a near perfect vacation. We stayed for a week at Brian Head Ski Resort, which is right next to Cedar Breaks National Monument. At night, we went down to Cedar City, Utah, an easy 30 minute drive down the canyon, to enjoy the Utah Shakespearean Festival (it's really quite good). By day, we toured Zion and Bryce Canyon, and enjoyed the back-country atop a quad or a horse. It was almost too much to fit into a week and, yet, somehow very relaxing. It was a great combination of the arts and the outdoors. I'd recommend it to just about anyone. (By the way, I don't work for the Utah travel department.)

We took lots of pictures. None as good as Ann's. It must be the camera.

DaveG said...

As they say in the movies, let's get out of here:

I wonder if that's some kind of insider running joke in Hollywood. If you start paying attention to it, a movie that does not have that line or something very similar at least once is very rare indeed.

The main thing I care about is choosing the subject and framing a composition. That's not about the equipment.

I run into that question a lot too. I have a lot of pix over on (shameless plug) and I'm never asked how I came up with the composition or why I cropped in the manner I did - it's always "what camera did you use to get that great shot?"

HalfCentTriChic said...

Great pics Ann, its hard to truly appreciate the scale of the Grand Canyon, but your photos lend some idea of its vastness.

Moxie? Like in Moxie who used to post at RTRLC Moxie?