August 4, 2006


After a long sleep for the weary traveler, I am restored and once again intensely motivated to blog. But right now, my morning posts are over at Instapundit: one, two, three.

You can comment on them here, or talk about whatever you want, in the spirit of the Alt-coffee-house.

Have you been reading Althouse long enough and with a good enough memory to know that I owe my existence to coffee not once but twice.


Bruce Hayden said...

Not sure if one of your posts was your bison pictures. Seeing bison at least once a week, and a decade ago, twice a day, I am underwhelmed. At least they aren't as bad as the elk, and the elk aren't as bad as the deer. The pre-venisons are a pest. You can't kill them, and all they do is over-breed and eat anything marginally edible.

Bison are better because they haven't overbred to that extent. Possibly, this is because their meat is so good (one of the nice things here in CO is that you can get bison meat year round in the grocery stores at a resonable price).

al said...

It's fun to be at the zoo and listen to people fawn over the pair of bison and just say a bit loudly - "only two? We have 60 at work" and watch the reaction.

The best thing about Bison is watching the babies. From first steps to walking with mom to running in circles around mom as they move from one spot to the next. Great fun.

As for Bison meat - tasty.

Freeman Hunt said...

That article from Scientific American was fascinating. I especially liked this:

At this point, many skeptics will finally lose patience. Surely, they will say, it takes more to get to Carnegie Hall than practice, practice, practice. Yet this belief in the importance of innate talent, strongest perhaps among the experts themselves and their trainers, is strangely lacking in hard evidence to substantiate it.

Hard work really does pay off. That is motivating in itself.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

I'm surprised you didn't name the boys "Joe" and "Java".

knoxgirl said...

I owe my existence to coffee. every. day.

Maxine Weiss said...

Mel Gibson: I'm afraid it won't be enough for him to convert to Judiasm.

That, plus a public Bris might to do it.

I think Mel Gibson should be paraded through the town square, led up to a stage, tied down, and forcibly given a Bris, while the cheering crowd roars.

A good Bris-ing, or two; that'd teach him.

Either that, or have Mel read the Althouse post on Bris, including each of the 96 comments.

Now THAT would be cruel and unusual punishment!

Peace, Maxine

6:10 PM, August 04, 2006

Editor Theorist said...

"Formidable law blogger Ann Althouse." – Slate

"The divine Ms. Althouse." – Terry Teachout

These quotes head-up the Althouse blog. I don't like them - I thnk they're misleading.

The first gets across the legal bit, but 'formidable' sounds too single-mindedly aggressive for AA's actual style (ironic, whimsical, offbeat).

'The divine' - well, this conjours-up something more akin to a torch singer. Divine is a very 'epicene' term, in the sense used by Camille Paglia (now, Paglia is someone that could be legitimately described as 'divine').

Time to look for some new blurbs?

Ann Althouse said...

I don't really look for blurbs... Let me know if you see any good ones. But I don't like messing with the masthead too often.

skying said...

I also agree with you Goesh. There's wayyy too much nuance in all of this. Anybody captured bearing arms on the battlefield while in civilian clothes should be shot on sight. In addition to being in keeping with pretty clearly established international law, it would clear up this whole torture debate once and for all.

skying said...

It's fun to be at the zoo and listen to people fawn over the pair of bison and just say a bit loudly - "only two? We have 60 at work" and watch the reaction.