August 27, 2006

Aw, the cute puppy.

Brown dog

Brown dog

Just an old, old stuffed animal that resides chez Althouse.


David said...

These puppies are easier to watch than the emmys! They are not pretentious, do not have handlers, keep their mouths shut, and are good listeners.

Best award for doggy goes to;

the old puppy with the aging fur!

Maxine Weiss said...

Do you ever dream about Ramona?

Will you ask Chris if he ever dreams about Ramona?

How come you never do dream interpretation?

Peace, Maxine

Moxie said...

That puppy has obviously been loved very much!

Your post reminded me, I also have a few threadbare stuffed animals retired in my childhood closet back east.

A few years ago, I decided to see if one of them (with an internal music box thingie) still worked. It did!

Ann Althouse said...

Actually, it's not threadbare from use but pure age. It's at least 50 years old. It hasn't been played with at all in, probably, more than 40 years. I don't even really know whose toy it was. It's in as good condition as it is because it wasn't particularly loved!

Johnny Nucleo said...

That thing looks classic. It's probably worthless, but it shouldn't be. It's classic.

There's a freaky quality to old toys. Or maybe I'm just remembering "Planet of the Apes."

Theo Boehm said...

It's actually sad it wasn't loved to pieces. It is surprising, though, how well some of those old stuffed animals hold up.

Our youngest (now 10) fell in love with Mom's old stuffed toy squirrel, "Snoopy," and wore a little more fir off before Snoopy finally retired to family heirloom status. Mom is Ann's age, so that squirrel had a 40-year career, and made two kids, one from the 50's and the other from the 90's, very happy.

I know, I know, it's a squirrel (Cue the "squism" wisecracks), and the name is unfortunate. But this one's really cute and so far has none of the hygiene challenges of its wild cousins. A few more years of a small child's attentions, however, would almost certainly change that.

Wickedpinto said...

A thing deserves to be a thing.

That puppy may not have been particularly loved, but it was loved enough to look upon later with love.

that puppy is a toy, and it is a thing, and that thing is "toy" and if there are any grankids, they deserve to touch their gramma through the toy, and that toy deserves to be a toy once again for a child who might not love it best, but will love it anyways, in if in 40 more years, he is found again, he will want the same treatment.

A thing deserves to be the thing that it is. Thats why leno drives his cars, and I re-read my classic comic books.

Wickedpinto said...

associated with the importance of the love of a toy.

I have a friend, he had a son, who was young, but he had a daughter while I was away in the service. I was on leave during christmas, and I did nice things for both of them. I bought the boy a real book, I think it was "Animal Farm" or something like that, but I gave him a real book, so that he knew I thought of him as a young person, not as a kid.

I bought the daughter a chince (spelling?) teddy bear. I found out later after I got out of the service, that the bear I bought her was one of her required stuffed animals for her to fall asleep. If she didn't have it, she needed to find it. (she was barely a toddler)

that meant a lot to me, and though if she were to see me today, she wouldn't know who I was, but I believe that if she knew I was the one who gave her the bear, she would know me enough.

Thats important to me, and I think it might be important to her in some small way. That bear deserves to be hugged, and loved by a child, and knowing it was, makes me proud, and while I'm an atheist, I think that if people give value to things for purely personal reasons, those things, quickly become valuable in their own sense.

Honestly? If you could? wouldn't you share every wonderful memory of when you were a child with your children or grandchildren?

That thing deserves to be a thing, may you only have to face the issue of WHICH child or grandchild to give it to.

(this isn't the normal me, but I do believe it whole heartedly)

Wickedpinto said...

Sorry for the wordiness, I just like feeling human, when the option presents itself.

S.T. Steiner said...

Reminds me of the little Gund bulldog that the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, gave to my son years back. A puppy with punch.

Ann Althouse said...

Man, you people have some sentimental attitudes about stuffed animals!

Every stuffed animal a loved stuffed animal.

Sounds like a Planned Parenthood slogan.

Does every toy car and robot have to be loved too?

You do realize dogs are godless killing machines, don't you?

I actually think this dog is from the 1920s and that it belonged to my mother or father. Look at the way the legs are attached to the body. I don't think it was done that way in the 1950s.

Can I get some more scientific analysis here?

Theo Boehm said...

No scientific analysis but a bit more about sentiment:

My wife's OTHER well-loved stuffed animal was a blue Steiff teddy bear. She found out some time ago that it's a valuable antique. Needless to say, our youngest never saw it.

We're sentimental, but not THAT sentimental.

Johnny Nucleo said...

Here's the science (well, psychology, at least) behind the sentiment:

Stuffed animals remind us of youth, which reminds us of aging, which reminds us of death.

Death! That cute puppy is nothing but a grim reminder of our own mortality. But that's what's so cute!

And dogs are not godless killing machines. They are God's killing machines.

Humans are God's favorite killing machines.

Killing machines. What kind of guy is this God, anyway? That's what I dig about God: He is not politically correct. He's a tough bastard who plays by His own rules and woe to the punk who crosses Him. He's sort of like a movie cop.

Here's a badass story: Once, this punk and his woman crossed God, and God said, "So you think you're all that?" And He turned the world into one big killing machine, and the punk and his woman were like, "This sucks!"

None of this "time out" bullshit, no "What were you feeling when you did that?" He turned the whole damn world into a killing machine! That is seriously badass.

Wickedpinto said...

Johnny Nucleo definately brought the funny.

Moxie said...

So it is old AND unloved?
This is too much to bear!