July 6, 2006

Where've I been?

Hmmm.... I see it's a hot traffic day here on the Althouse blog. I haven't been monitoring things -- not deleting the comment trolls. I just got a cool new iMac and it's been firewired to the old iMac duplicating virtually everything. It took a while, but when it was over I could restart and have the whole familiar environment on a spiffy bigger, clearer screen. And it's got a built-in camera. Presumably, I'm ready to vlog.


Jase said...

Congrats on the new Mac, Ann. But where's the Photo Booth self-portrait? Even
got one up!

Ann Althouse said...

Hey! I was just doing that. Check out the new post.

Anonymous said...

Keep us updated as to how you like the iMac. I'm getting one in a few months (counting down the days and all) and I settled on the iMac over another laptop.

This will be my first mac plunge.

Randy said...

Ann: While you were out, the comment thread for the NY Supreme Court marriage decision locked up and froze at 111 (in the middle of one of Seven's comments). As it froze mid-sentence, no one has been able to post there since.

Ann Althouse said...

Internet Ronin: Thanks for the alert. That happens occasionally. I'm republishing the post, which should fix it.

reader_iam said...

My father-in-law's old computer crashed last Friday, so the first thing he and my husband did after we arrived this weekend was to go the Apple store and pick up a new one. It's a MacBook, but it also has the camera, and it's very cool to play around with. But our experiments so far haven't resulted in output anywhere near as cool as yours.

Have fun!